Maternity Lingerie? Count Me Out!

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This week I came across a post right here on Babble, over on Family Style about new, sexy, lingerie for pregnant women. My initial thoughts focused around the nice looks, and ways to spice things up when pregnant. Let’s face it, the typical maternity clothes, and bra’s are nothing to do a double take at!

But then I really started thinking about the concept and comfort levels of a pregnant woman. I am not sure about the other preggos out there, but for me, it is like pulling teeth to get me to even wear a bra or underwear during pregnancy because I find them so incredibly uncomfortable in general. Why would I want to go out and spend money on the fancy stuff to torture myself wearing it?

So my husband can gauche at me for his pleasure, while in the back of my mind I continue to have a negative body image of my big, round pregnant belly?

I am sure there are tons of women out there who may totally be into this, and more power to them, and their husbands. But for me this would be nothing short of torture, kind of like that damn glucose test for gestational diabetes, or better yet, a flu shot! Haha

If this was something I would be into, there are some super cute designs, and bed clothing too, maybe I will give some of their designs a try when I am no longer feeling unsexy.

Who is with me?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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