My Maternity Photo Shoot: Finding Confidence

This past weekend I had maternity photos taken, by my best friend (who also happens to be an amazing photographer) Casey. I must admit, if it wasn’t for her, all I would have to document my pregnancy journey would be some grainy iPhone photos haphazardly uploaded to Instagram.

You see, I’m totally uncomfortable in front of the camera. I cringe in front of large crowds, and I’m probably the most awkward person I know. Yes, I’m a total introvert.

But I also know then value in preserving memories. Moments in time I’ll never be able to get back.

So when Casey offered to take a few photos of me, even though it was completely stretching me in my comfort zone, I knew I couldn’t turn her down.

And true to form, she found beauty is my awkwardness.

We did two sessions, one indoor session which we did in my master bedroom, and then another one outside at this magnificent 100 year old barn.

Here’s what she captured:

  • Reality. 1 of 16
  • The anticipation is growing. 2 of 16
    The anticipation is growing.
  • A comfortable place to land. 3 of 16
    A comfortable place to land.
  • I think I can see his face! 4 of 16
    I think I can see his face!
  • The belly is in the lead. 5 of 16
    The belly is in the lead.
  • Reflection. 6 of 16
  • This is really happening! 7 of 16
    This is really happening!
  • Always my love. 8 of 16
    Always my love.
  • Happiness. 9 of 16
  • Leaning on promises. 10 of 16
    Leaning on promises.
  • Soon. Or so I hope… 11 of 16
    Soon. Or so I hope...
  • Holding my new love. 12 of 16
    Holding my new love.
  • Great perspective. 13 of 16
    Great perspective.
  • Finding beauty in the ordinary. 14 of 16
    Finding beauty in the ordinary.
  • Contentment and waiting. 15 of 16
    Contentment and waiting.
  • My favorite. 16 of 16
    My favorite.

A wise woman once told me a piece of advice that really resonated with me. She said: “You’ll never be as young as you are today. Get in front of the camera, get over yourself and your insecurities. Someday, your kids will thank you for it.”

And I completely believe it.

Casey, my friend that took these photos, also blogs here at babble! And of course, she’s done a few photography tips and tricks posts that are amazing. Check out capturing that perfect baby photo, and remembering to capture the first few weeks (and months) with a newborn.

Now how about it. Will you be getting maternity photos taken? (please, say yes)

Emily also blogs on her personal site, DesignHER Momma.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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