Ideas for Simple DIY Maternity Pictures

With so many things to think about during your pregnancy, maternity pictures may not be at the top of your list — but they should be!

Recently, I showed you how to capture beautiful newborn photos, and taking gorgeous maternity pictures at home can be equally simple.

Hiring a professional photographer is nice, but let’s face it — having a baby is expensive. If you decide to put the crib of your dreams ahead of a pro maternity photography session, mount your camera to a tripod, and check out these simple ideas for taking lovely do-it-yourself maternity pictures!

  • Bare Your Belly 1 of 9
    Maternity pictures that feature a bare belly will really capture the true essence of your pregnancy — even stretchmarks are worth documenting!

    Photo by Crissy Page
  • Baby Booties 2 of 9
    Put your camera on a tripod, set the timer, and hold a pair of adorable baby booties or shoes in front of your belly for a really sweet photo.

    Photo by Crissy Page
  • Spell it Out 3 of 9
    This photo featuring children's blocks offers you a creative way to present a message in your maternity photo. Use a term of endearment, or even your baby's name.

    Photo by Crissy Page
  • Proud Parents 4 of 9
    Didn't think you could hold your baby before giving birth? Think again! Bring your partner into the session to capture a tender moment.

    Photo by Crissy Page
  • Tie a Ribbon 5 of 9
    Your pregnancy is truly a gift, and this fun shot featuring a ribbon and tag make an adorable maternity picture.

    Photo by Crissy Page
  • Keep it Simple 6 of 9
    Be sure to take a few simple straight-on and side shots — sometimes simple portraits say the most.

    Photo by Crissy Page
  • Flip Your Perspective 7 of 9
    Set up your camera and tripod next to a bed, and experiment with different angles and poses, you may be surprised wht you come up with.

    Photo by Crissy Page
  • Indulge in a Cliché 8 of 9
    Is this particular maternity shot overdone? Probably. Should you let that fact keep you from doing it? No way! This is a cute shot, so don't leave it out.

    Photo by Crissy Page
  • Be Yourself 9 of 9
    You don't need to smile from ear to ear in every photo. Allow your photos to capture the mood and emotion of your unique pregnancy experience.

    Photo by Crissy Page


Article Posted 7 years Ago

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