Maternity Winter Coat Blues

Pregnant_WinterLast week my babysitter arrived a few minutes early and I was still gathering my things. When I turned to face her, shrugging my coat on, she glanced at my stomach and a wave of relief washed over her face. She said, “Oh, now I can finally say…congratulations! When are you due?”

I apologized for not having told her sooner—pregnancy brain? And then I remarked on how she must have noticed my bulging midsection before now. She replied, “Well, the kids mentioned that you had a baby in your belly, but whenever I see you, you already have your winter coat on so I wasn’t really sure.”

That logic seemed fair to me so I kissed the kids and went off to work. But then at some point during my commute I realized two things: 1) I’m over 20 weeks pregnant and I’m still wearing my non-maternity coat and 2) my winter coat is apparently so unattractive and shapeless that you can’t tell I’m pregnant. Crap. Crapcrapcrap.

Yes, I know that many stores carry cute maternity coats that would flatter my figure. But the thing is, I live in New England. There is no way I’m wearing a thin, dinky wool coat outside when it’s 3 degrees. I need down, and lots of it. So come on, LL Bean and Lands End! Start your maternity line already!

How did you keep your pregnant belly warm in the winter months?


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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