Maxi-Cosi and Quinny + Britto = Artistic Love

Look what was just introduced…today!  It’s the Quinny Moodd Stroller, which alone is a design stand-out, then they went and teamed up with world renowned artist Britto. Now the new Britto Moodd is a head turning piece of happy artwork on wheels, that your adorable baby gets ride in. Not only did Quinny and Britto make a stroller, but Maxi-Cosi and Britto created an infant car seat too. Check it out after the jump…

Here is the all new Maxi-Cosi Britto Mico Infant Car Seat.  I’m daydreaming about bringing home baby number three from he hospital in the Britto Mico.  I can see it now, total newborn bliss, then I bust out this super happy, full of love and all the wonderful things the future will bring as I snuggle my little bundle into his new infant seat. Crowds will gather as I snap the seat into my new Quinny Britto Moodd stroller. Everyone will gather to laugh and hug and share in the love. Art + Baby Gear = Optimism and Inspiration.

Here’s what others have to say:

“Quinny and Maxi-Cosi have always been known for their trend setting style and innovative sophisticated design.  Romero’s artwork has elevated stand out design to a whole new level.  This unique new collection features his artwork in a way never before seen in the stroller and car seat categories,” said Dan Pennacchio, General Manager of international Brands at Dorel Juvenile Group.  “In partnership with Quinny and Maxi-Cosi, Britto brings his commanding compositions to our top of the line products to help parents express their style, while his visual language helps us bring hope and happiness to families around the world through this special collection of products.”

Britto’s artwork features a universal language of happiness that creates a vibrant, iconic style that The New York Times describes, “exudes warmth, optimism and love”. Britto’s pop sensibility has since leant itself to many collaborations with internationally recognized brands, now expanding to the juvenile products category with a collaboration with Quinny and Maxi-Cosi. Britto’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums in over 100 countries, including the Salon Nationale des Beaux-Arts exhibition at the Carrousel du Louvre in 2008 and 2010. He has also created public art installations for the O2 Dome (Berlin), Hyde Park (London), John F. Kennedy Airport (New York), and Cirque du Soleil at Super Bowl XLI.

“Through my art I hope to inspire warmth, creativity and happiness. The Quinny and Maxi-Cosi brands are a perfect marriage to further spread optimism and happiness reaching even the youngest children,” said Romero Britto.  “Through this partnership we are able to deliver inspiring designs to moms, dads and children around the world.”

The new Quinny® and Maxi-Cosi® Collection by Romero Britto include:

Quinny® and Maxi-Cosi® will launch the line on August 23rd at a private event hosted at Britto’s gallery, Britto Central, in Miami Beach, Florida. Romero and Pilar Steinborn, a distinguished fashion stylist and mom, will speak to “The Art of Parenting” and art’s influence in children’s lives.

The Quinny® and Maxi-Cosi® Collection by Romero Britto will be available first at Ideal Baby from September through October and then at other Specialty Baby Retailers nationwide.

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