Maxi Cosi Prezi Infant Car Seat Review

After the whole expired infant car seat fiasco the baby daddy and I went into what’s new and what’s out there mode on our search for a new infant seat. One of the reasons infant car seats have such a short life expectancy is because technology changes. I had no idea how much change could happen in the short time since I bought my first car seat. That’s when I saw head wings on the new Maxi Cosi Prezi, never have I seen this feature on an infant seat. There’s something so reassuring to me about those two protectors ready to keep my little one’s head from bobbling about. Then after checking out the other safety features and design and overall super coolness, I was secretly happy to toss out the old one! Those engineers over at Maxi Cosi really know how to make an amazing product to help parents feel safe and secure while at the same time in awe of the design. Keep reading for all the awesome new features and why I’m giddy with excitement…

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  • My New Maxi Cosi Prezi 1 of 5
    My New Maxi Cosi Prezi
    My daughter is using it for her doll until the baby comes. See the cool design and sunshade. Love.
  • Harness Up And Away 2 of 5
    Harness Up And Away
    Those super soft foam bands around the belt keep the harness out of your way when putting baby in or out of the seat.
  • Head Wings 3 of 5
    Head Wings
    My favorite feature! Here they are in the lowest position.
  • Raised Head Wings 4 of 5
    Raised Head Wings
    Here they are in the highest position.
  • My Second Color Choice 5 of 5
    My Second Color Choice
    The fabric is so soft and breathable. Little baby boy is going to love this seat.

G-Cell HX and Air Protect Technology   It’s got this super fancy rebounding foam in hexagonal shape that diminishes impact energy while the air protect eliminates any other crash forces. This technology was developed in conjunction with another company that develops car racing technology safety feature. Wow, that’s like putting my baby in a super high tech bubble.

Easy Out Harness   What’s this? Well, you know how every time you go to get your tiny newborn out or into the seat or even a sleeping 5 month old and the straps just lay there, right in your way? The Prezi has a new feature that lifts the straps up and out of your way and keeps it from twisting and becoming a mess. All of this while providing super cushion comfort for the baby.

Accommodates Infants From 4 30 pounds and up to 29 inches     If this baby comes early I can feel safe bringing him home in this seat and it will carry him all the way to 30 pounds.

5-Position Adjustable Base Without Removal    No one likes removing the base to make adjustments and those smarties over at Maxi Cosi realize this. The last thing I want to be bothered with is installing the base after an adjustment, making this new feature a relief for parents.

5-Position No Re-threading Adjustable Headrest    You know how quickly infants grow and how every inch means taking apart the car seat and re-threading the strap to adujust the height? I’m spent many frustrating moments trying to poke the little metal piece at the end of the belts through the tiny slot. That’s no longer a hassle with the Prezi!

Now for all the fun stuff on the new Maxi Coxi Prezi. The fabric is breathable and soft and comes in a bunch of super fun colors. I chose the Reliant Blue because it’s just so pretty. There’s also a lightweight canopy that can be easily stowed away when it’s not needed. It’s also compatible with lots of stroller out there (if you have a quinny, they usually come with infant car seat adaptors). Did I mention looks? The Prezi is so cool looking which is satisfying for this mom of soon-to-be three who is sick of ugly baby gear.

As soon as I found out I had to invest in a new infant car seat I started my research. There’s not a whole lot of stuff I need since this is number three and I’ve already got a boy so I wanted to make sure I got the latest and greatest while looking like I’ve got style. The husband and I felt super confident about the safety features and grandma (who wanted to contribute to the last piece of gear) was more than satisfied with our choice for the new addition. All in all I’m so happy with our new fancy baby gear and I’m already looking for someone to pass it down to when I am finished so this seat will get lots of use! (I’m looking at you sisters, get those babies brewing!).

To get your own awesome Maxi Cosi Prezi infant car seat head over to Maxi Cosi.

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