May is Pregnancy Awareness Month

may pregnancy awareness month
May is Pregnancy Awareness Month

Well hello there May! And what perfect way to start the month at Being Pregnant – than kicking off Pregnancy Awareness Month® (PAM).

Celebrated every May, Pregnancy Awareness Month® was established in 2008 by author and lifestyle expert Anna Getty and producer and mompreneur Alisa Donner. Their mission is to empower, inspire and build a community of support for expectant women and families. PAM has quickly blossomed into a variety of grassroots events across the country during the month of May.

PAM’s four main initiatives are education, exercise, nutrition and wellness, and nurture…with an emphasis on sharing how to integrate these elements into their lives for themselves and their wee ones.

Learning about what to expect when you’re pregnant is key. You need to know what you can and can’t do as well as the details of the whole pregnancy and birthing process.

Pregnancy Exercise Benefits

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As we continue to learn more about the well being of our baby in utero, we are finding out how exercise can benefit not only us, but the baby’s life outside the womb.

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Nutrition and Wellness:
What can you eat, what can’t you eat. How should you eat? What is best for the baby? Learning the nutrition and wellness aspect of pregnancy will serve as a long term foundation for the life of your child.

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It seems the tighter circle you have to talk about pregnancy, the more comfort and easier being pregnant seems. Pregnancy itself has so many questionable moments that just don’t seem like they could be normal, but totally are. Having people around to nurture you in times both good times and bad thru-out your pregnancy will help you as you bring this new life into the world.

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There are so many things about pregnancy that are unknown until you are actually expecting. Take some time to learn more about pregnancy. You can read more about Pregnancy Awareness Month® at And of course, stay tuned to the Being Pregnant blog to get the latest and greatest details on all things pregnancy related!

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