Maybe Baby?

My due date is now a whole 2 days away. To say that we are restless would be the biggest understatement of the decade. I think we passed restless a week ago, now we’re just plain impatient. I am fortunate that most of the time, I’m not terribly physically uncomfortable, in fact, as the baby has continued to drop, my belly is actually getting smaller, but mentally I am exhausted and ready to be finished with the marathon of pregnancy.

I’m having my fluid measured twice a week now and though things rebounded a lot last week (went from 6.2cm last Monday, up to 10.3 on Thursday), it has since returned to its downward spiral. Monday it was 8cm, today it was 6.5. At 5, they’re going to induce, so if I make it through the weekend, that may be what we face on Monday when I go in for another check.

If being the operative and very hopeful word. My OB thinks that this weekend may be the big event and we are really hoping she’s right.

After the AFI and NST today, which, for added excitement also took place while someone was in the ER with a (thankfully fake) BOMB strapped to their chest, I had an OB appointment. It was fairly standard, my blood pressure is fine, baby’s heart rate is fine, my fundal height continues to shrink instead of grow. Basically, everything is as it is supposed to be. Then my OB looks at me and says well, “you’re 39 weeks, do you want me to strip your membranes?”

I wanted to scream yes at the top of my lungs, but because my husband was there and I’m a relatively decent wife, I asked his opinion. He wasn’t wild about it, and I asked him why because GET THE BABY OUT OMG. He said that it just seemed unnatural and shouldn’t we wait for the baby to do things on his own time?

Once I stopped laughing at the idea that this baby is ever going to make his own way out, we asked a few more questions about the process and then decided to go ahead with the stripping. My OB says that about 50% of her patients go into labor within 48 hours of being stripped if their cervix is favorable, which was music to my ears.

To my great delight, after being stuck at 1 cm for the better part of 4 weeks, today I was 3 cm dilated and 60% effaced. Apparently this is favorable, it sure sounded that way to me. I realize that there is still a lot of work to do, but at least we’re making progress. And then came the membrane stripping.

Wow. WOW. It is not for the faint of heart. And now almost 2 hours later, the contractions haven’t gone away. They haven’t amped up too much either, but they’re definitely more fierce than they were this morning.

And now we wait. And walk and do the other 10 safe things you can do to safely encourage labor. And hope that this baby is finally ready to make his grand entrance because we could not possibly be more excited to finally meet him.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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