Meals on Wheels

A lot of my friends have had babies in the last several weeks.  I think 7 or 8.  I honestly can’t quite remember anymore.  One thing that’s gone on a lot after the babies arrived is that various other friends have been organizing meal delivery for them.  I haven’t participated in them all (as I write this, there are at least three friends who are getting meals…one of whom I’m taking a meal to today).  But it reminded me about what a nice thing it is to do for mothers, as well as some tips to make it easier on all!

“Not more spaghetti!” my friend moaned, when I asked her what she’d like me to bring her.  This was after her last baby was born, 14 months ago.  Apparently just about everyone who’d brought her a meal so far had brought spaghetti, and they were tired of it.  I couldn’t blame them: it seemed like the perfect post-baby food.  It was easy to cook, carry, and reheat…and it was cheap.  I’m sure that’s why so many brought it!

Why Bring Meals?

When a mom has a baby, things are a little crazy for awhile.  She’s tired, she’s recovering, the baby may or may not sleep, she may or may not have help.  Some women are lucky enough to have their husbands or mothers come and cook for them for a few weeks; for others this just isn’t possible.  Eating is something that every family needs to do, though, and if a mother can’t get up to cook, they’re eating a lot of snack-y meals or take-out.

Enter meal delivery.

Even if it’s only once a day, or every couple of days, it’s a big help to moms to know that they don’t have to think about that meal.  If there are leftovers, even better!  This removes a lot of stress from new mothers.

Plus, it’s just a nice way to bless a new mother.  Hopefully, when your turn comes, people will reciprocate!

What to Bring

First, it is best to ask if the family has any food allergies or other foods they are specifically trying to avoid.  Moms who are breastfeeding may want to stay away from onions, garlic, tomatoes, caffeine, dairy, or other foods that may bother their baby.  Be sure to ask so that your thoughtful gift of food doesn’t go to waste!

Second, ask if the family has any specific preferences.  Some just don’t like certain foods.  My husband, for example, would be very unhappy to see a tuna casserole show up on our doorstep (I wouldn’t, but I’d be the only one eating it!). 

Third, you may either want to ask the family what they would like to eat, or ask others who are bringing them food what they are taking.  There is no sense in everyone taking the same family spaghetti day after day, for example!

Beyond this, just get creative!  Soups and casseroles are good; grilled chicken and pasta salad; burgers with a tossed salad; anything you’d like to eat.  Bonus: bring them some dessert, too!

Do you take meals to friends when they have babies, or have you had meals brought to you?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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