Meet Grayson: A Slideshow of His First Few Days + Birth Story!

Sorry for the delay yesterday in announcing that Grayson Henry Charles has arrived! For those of you who have been following my very rough pregnancy, I am sure you are just as happy as I am to know we spent NO TIME in the NICU. Double YAY! So, it all began last Friday. I honestly thought that was it. You can read all about my progressing labor here and how I ended up back at the hospital after being discharged a few hours before I was in active labor. So much fun right? I love getting discharged when I am in labor.

Anyway, after this post and six hours of very quick and calm labor, Grayson arrived on October 1st at 11:54pm weighing 5lbs. 7.4oz and 18 inches long. He is a little piece of heaven.

Thankfully my doctor at the office sent me back. She texted the doctor that was delivering me, after our little spat with him earlier in the day, and said “take one for the team, be nice, I heard you were mean earlier.” And that is just why I love her. She is always looking out for me. Once I was admitted back into the hospital around 5pm labor quick begin. With contractions 1-2 minutes apart, my cervix check I was 4cm. Which I seemed to be stuck out for a little while even with super-strong super-close contractions. And than, exhaustion hit. I decided to get an epidural considering my weekend and just wanted to be comfortable. Forgetting proving to the world I can do it without drugs. I’ve done it and well, pushing a baby out of that is enough credit. Once the epidural set in I was happy. For a few minutes at least.

All of a sudden my entire body started shaking. Worst feeling ever. I was freezing cold and felt like my heart was racing and major anxiety was setting in knowing that the Grayson’s heart rate was dropping to a very low, 38.  They figured it was the cord. So, I got some oxygen going, started taking lots of deep breathes and trying to just relax. Easier said than done. Thankfully, after only about an hour of feeling awful it stopped and I was 6cm. I instantly felt better knowing I was almost to the end. Once I got to 6cm, it was a breeze. Seriously couldn’t believe how fast it went by. Within 30 minutes I was ready to push. After chatting with my doctor the last hour and half, he finally was in a better mood after the earlier spat in the day, watching some football and The Voice, it was time to get this baby out! I started to get a little nervous. Considering I was only 36 weeks, to the day, I went into freak out mode. What if he isn’t okay like everyone says he will be? What if the sono is way off and he is under 5lbs? Thankfully the only thing I didn’t have to worry about was that he wasn’t breech anymore. Sometime between my discharge and going back to the hospital, he flipped and was head down. I guess he really was ready to come out and play.

After 10 minutes and 2 pushes, our little man was finally here. NICU immediately took a peek at him to make sure everything was fine and within two minutes time, we got the okay that he was doing great! The only small problem we had was his blood sugar was low but he had 24 hours to pull it together before taking a field trip to the NICU. Thankfully, we dodged a bullet there. It was hard to believe that our little one had arrived in perfection condition and I just have to say, all those prayers truly made it possible! My entire pregnancy was beyond a whirlwind. The longest roller coaster ride I have ever been on and I am thrilled to say it’s over. However, a new obstacle begins. Life with FIVE littles. Oh lordy. 

After the jump, I thought I would share a few of my favorite photos so far of Grayson’s first few days into this beautiful world. Meet Grayson Henry Charles. He thanks you for all your prayers too!

  • First Instagram Shot 1 of 16
    First Instagram Shot
    This is Grayson's first photo, just a few minutes after he was born and the first time I held him.
  • Love Him 2 of 16
    Love Him
    So alert just a few minutes after birth. He won our hearts in no time!
  • First Picture With Mom 3 of 16
    First Picture With Mom
    Don't mind me, the hot mess! This was just a few minutes after delivery. I was thrilled to finally have him in my arms.
  • Car seat Test Time 4 of 16
    Car seat Test Time
    Because he is only 5lbs and preterm, a car seat test is a must before going home. Thankfully, he passed.
    My favorite car seat ever from Orbit
  • Dress Up Time 5 of 16
    Dress Up Time
    So, he may not be able to wear headbands, but that doesn't mean we can't play dress-up. I adore this hat from Little Hip Squeaks.
    Mustache hat from Little Hip Squeaks
  • Nice and Cozy 6 of 16
    Nice and Cozy
    Another small issue we had was a typical preemie one; premature. But thanks to this amazing Little Giraffe blanket, we were able to keep it up without visiting the NICU.
    Blanket from Little Giraffe
  • Just Born 7 of 16
    Just Born
    I just couldn't wait to take pictures of him in all the goodies I bought. Like these adorable Little Giraffe socks and Monthly Onesie Ties from Etsy.
    Polka dot cozy socks from Little Giraffe
    Love these monthly ties from Peach Tea Couture
  • Please Mom, No More Pictures 8 of 16
    Please Mom, No More Pictures
    I am pretty sure he hates seeing my iPhone is his face at this point.
  • The Funniest Bib Ever 9 of 16
    The Funniest Bib Ever
    I love it, so much!
    Bib from Shop Urban Baby Co.
  • Meeting The Big Sisters 10 of 16
    Meeting The Big Sisters
    Our 9 year old was up first, Zoe meet Grayson!
  • So Happy! 11 of 16
    So Happy!
    They have waited to see him for so long. BIG smiles!
  • Meeting McKenzie 12 of 16
    Meeting McKenzie
    Our 5 year old M well, she hasn't let him out of her sight. She is right next to me for all the feedings, all the changes and has organized the diaper caddy five times.
  • Meeting Kennadi 13 of 16
    Meeting Kennadi
    Kennadi. our 2.5 year old has been quite the mother hen. She can't get enough of "her baby".
  • Meeting Sadie 14 of 16
    Meeting Sadie
    We weren't sure how this was going to go when our almost 17 month old Sadie held Grayson for the first time but as you can see, she was anything but jealous.
  • Stylin’ and Profilin’ 15 of 16
    Stylin' and Profilin'
    Yes, I just typed that. {LOL} These adorable custom leggings from Little Hip Squeaks with his tuexedo onesie is my favorite outfit. I love playing dress-up with my little man.
    Leggings from Little Hip Squeaks
  • Ready for My Close Up 16 of 16
    Ready for My Close Up
    Of course Mom had to put me in a bowtie!
    Bowtie onesie from Lou Embres

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