Mega Pregnant Friday

Pregnant women of the world, WE MADE IT through another week. Check another week off your smart phone. Mark it down somewhere. Cross it off. Heck, burn your calendar if you want to. The week is O-V-E-R and we have survived.

Or, barely survived if you’re in my household.

You’ll have to excuse me, or bear with me, or something. I’m typing this post from my bed while surrounded by candy wrappers and extension cords. I would have offered a picture of that, but it’s just too sad.

Today’s Mega Pregnant Friday is brought to you by exhaustion, bloating, adult acne, incessant peeing, and emotional meltdowns.

Honestly, it’s a miracle that we made it through this week. Granted, we’re screaming at one another and we all have big enough bags under our eyes to use them to trick-or-treat with, but hey, we’re still here.

I experienced my first field trip this week with Jackson. This was after we experienced our first at-school pajama day. Which was followed by an evening play-date. EVENING PLAY-DATE. Those of you with children are reading this and shaking your heads at me. WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME HOW INSANE THAT CONCEPT IS?!!?

Those of you who don’t have children yet, DO NOT participate in evening play-dates. Granted, it was fun. We all had a blast and it was the only way all of our schedules worked. But holy mother of Almond Joys have I ever been paying the price for the last 3 days. All schedules and routines were tossed out the window as soon as I committed myself and Jackson to the evening play-date.

And today was the field trip. Because I’m a glutton for punishment. So a crew of 3 and 4-year-olds, along with moms (and one dad, I believe) trampled through a pumpkin patch together. It was cute. Adorable, I’d even say. And yet the field trip was the final straw for me.

So I am now in bed. Surrounded by candy wrappers and extension cords. The extension cords are for the orange lights I decorated our front porch with.

You know those afternoons when you put your kiddo down for a nap, get yourself situated on the couch, plop your feet up on the ottoman and then the door bell rings? That was my afternoon today, after the field trip. It was the UPS man and I’m fairly certain he will be dropping any packages that come my way at my neighbors’ house in the near future.

After dealing with the unfortunate UPS man, I collapsed plopped myself on the couch and then it was my son, not napping but declaring to me that he was ready to poop on the potty (this is a post in itself because OMG!) and needed my help. So we deal with that (I’ll spare you the details), and I then bury myself under the covers in my bedroom.

And… the doorbell rings. It’s my handyman. My UNSCHEDULED handyman who was popping by to install a new ceiling fan because the last one just decided to fall out of the ceiling of our porch 2 weeks ago.

Sure! Why not?! C’mon in and knock out that circuit breaker!

And then the tears come and I rush back to my bedroom not caring that the handyman may have heard me pass gas as I hustled out of his way… because I am that tired.

You understand, right? It’s a Mega Pregnant Friday. We made it.

Please pass the bacon.

How was your week?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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