Men and Labor Pains – Could They Handle It?

Experiment: A male doctor under goes stimulated labor
Okay, so it's a woman turned man - but what if men could experience what it's like to go through labor.. now they can!

Who has the higher pain threshold? Men or Women?

Men may think they do, but could a man handle childbirth? Dr. Andrew Rochford took on the challenge of going through stimulated labor.

Watch this video as Dr. Rochford is hooked up to a heart rate and blood pressure monitor as well as electrodes to his stomach that will stimulate labor. The electrodes contract his stomach muscles creating contractions that increase in length and intensity, just like in real childbirth.

From pre-birth to active labor – Dr. Rochford goes through the motions of what it’s like to endure labor. He even goes through relief techniques of using a birthing ball, hypnobirthing, rocking on all fours as well as happy gas to help.

As the experiment progresses, so does this man’s stimulated labor. The stimulated contractions are moved from 3 contractions in an hour to contractions every 3 minutes then 60 second contractions every 2 minutes.

Having experienced childbirth 3 times prior, I can’t help but laugh and think back to laying in the hospital bed, in pain even between contractions with back labor. My husband, while the complete support system during active labor – was playing Angry Birds in the early stages with the last delivery.

“What if the roles were reversed and he was delivering this baby?” I once had a friend’s husband tell me – “You don’t know pain until you’ve delivered a kidney stone.” While I am sure kidney stones are VERY painful – don’t underestimate the challenges of childbirth.

What’s missing from this experiment of a man going through stimulated labor? The emotions and of course actual childbirth (and recovery!).

This doctor should have been pumped with estrogen and there is no way to stimulate the thoughts running in a woman’s head knowing she is about to deliver her child. Nor does the experiment show the joy that ones receives (regardless of how a baby is delivered, natural, medicated, c-section) once the new baby a woman has birthed is placed into her arms.

The closing lines of this video – brought a smile to my face.

“Men of the world, you have no idea. Women win – men don’t. The end.”

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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