Men Can Feel Pregnant Too: Scientists Invent Virtual Pregnancy Outfit [Video]

Scientists in Japan have apparently created a virtual pregnancy outfit that simulates the same baby kicking and punching from the inside that pregnant women experience.

The suit also has an interactive feature that shows the virtual fetus on a video screen responding when the wearer’s tummy is stroked.

According to Neatorama.com, the suit can mimic pregnancy from zero to nine months in just minutes:

The device can replicate the 9-month long process in two minutes or it can be worn for a longer period to experience what it feels like day-to-day. To mimic the fetus, it contains a 4-litre bag filled with warm water. Kicking movement is recreated with a lining of 45 balloons that expand and contract.

Okay, that’s all well and good, although I’m not sure how far water balloons go in letting men know what pregnancy is really like. How about inventing something that mimics puking your guts out every day and ultimately pushing a human from your sensitive Lady Parts? Let dudes try that on for size, yeah? Or we can always get ’em really drunk on hardcore tequila then punch ’em really hard in the balls the next morning when they’re firehosing puke all over the toilet from the hangover… That might do a better job simulating pregnancy than some namby-pamby expanding water balloons…

But anyway, here’s some video of the device:

Image: Flickr.com/foshydog

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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