Men Have Ticking Biological Clocks As Well

Men and Women can BOTH play a role in fertility struggles.

There’s been a lot of press lately about lower fertility rates for women in their 30’s but a new study released a week ago focuses on the fertility levels for men. And it turns out that men may want to pay attention to their biological clocks as well!

Dr William Schoolcraft of the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine is quoted as saying:

“Now it’s looking like at middle age, around 40 or 50, that the capacity for men to make sperm declines, at least in terms of quality.”

Until this study, the primary focus (and blame) for age-related conception problems has landed solely on the women. With the new study, we now are being told that men may be a contributing factor, especially once they reach their 40’s and 50’s.

I’m not sure from the article I’m reading whether these findings are solely based on the mice, or whether there have been human studies being done as well. It seems logical that human studies will be conducted to find out if there are any differences between mice and men after all, but it makes sense that as a man ages his reproductive fertility rate would decrease as well.

For many women struggling to conceive, the news that don’t have to shoulder so much guilt on themselves might be welcome news! Many of the women I’ve talked to struggling to conceive feel like it’s “all their fault” or something “wrong” with them.

I also wonder the impact that this news will have on couples who now have TWO reasons to consider not delaying children for too long. Do you think this study will impact how couples approach having children?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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