Mexican Woman NOT Pregnant with Nontuplets! (Update)

Blessedly, it appears that this story was a very elaborate hoax. The woman does have children, but is not pregnant and did not recently have triplets. I was saddened by this story earlier and continue to be saddened, just in a different capacity, now. Let’s just hope that this woman gets the help that she pretty clearly needs. (Source for new information)


In case you’re like me and have never before heard the word nontuplets, let me decode it for you. It means a pregnancy with nine babies. NINE BABIES. At once. Okay, now we can get down to the story.

On Thursday night, Mexican news stations began reporting that a woman, Karla Vanessa Perez of Coahuila, Mexico, is expecting the first set of nontuplets. Six of the babies have been determined to be girls and the remaining are boys. If her babies survive, they will be the first documented set of surviving of nontuplets in the world, with only one set of octuplets having survived birth to date.

Perez says she’s thankful for her miracle pregnancy and that she’s prepared for the babies. She’s not a first time mom, in fact, she’s not even a first time mom of multiples.

Perez and her husband already have 4 children at home, a 4 year old and 6 month old triplets. Let that sink in for a minute. When these babies are born, Perez and her husband will have 12 babies under a year old. I cannot even begin to wrap my head around that idea. One baby is enough to send me into a tailspin of fear, but twelve babies, nine of which who will almost certainly have special needs, is mind boggling.

The news reported that Perez has a c-section scheduled, but it appears that Perez is hoping she can go past the current planned date.

“The delivery is scheduled for May 20, but the doctors told me I can hold out for another month and achieve the complete growth of the babies so that they do not spend much time in incubators. It is too early to think about the babies’ names, first we hope everything goes well, the pregnancy was normal, although now I have got an internal injury from the triplets’ caesarian, but we are confident the birth will go well.”

In the interview, Perez also acknowledged that this pregnancy was conceived with the use of fertility treatment and that she currently does not have any health insurance to cover the cost of the birth. The mayor of her town has said that they were provide what is needed, as will neighboring cities, so hopefully the babies will have the care that they will certainly require.

I have some pretty mixed emotions about this situation, but above all else, I just hope that all the babies are as healthy as possible, given their extraordinary circumstances.



Article Posted 4 years Ago

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