Millions To One Odds: Woman Gets Pregnant While Already Pregnant

Born at the same time but NOT twins.

Todd and Julia Governburg tried for three long years to become pregnant.

But nothing worked.

They say when it rains it pours, though, and that’s what happened – after a fashion – when the couple finally learned they were expecting their first child.

As Ashley Van Sipma reports for the Daily Mirror, the Grovenburgs found out they had conceived a second child nearly three weeks after learning they were pregnant the first time. The odds? Millions to one.

But the ­ultrasound clearly showed two separate babies in two separate sacs. One was larger and more developed than the other. Right away, based on size ­difference, twins were ruled out.

Julia, 33, is one of only 11 ­women ever reported to ­conceive while ­already pregnant. It’s called ‘superfetation’, meaning two babies are conceived at ­different times, born on the same day, but, medically speaking, they’re not twins.

To push the drama envelope even further, the twins were due in different years. Little Jillian was expected on December 24, 2009, and Hudson’s due date was January 14, 2010. Julia gave birth to both babies by C-section on December 2nd. She says that the three week age difference during their first year of life was very obvious.

“They’re still very young but everyone can tell that Jillian is the older one. When it comes to ­Hudson’s growth he will ­always be two and a half weeks behind ­everything Jillian does in terms of crawling and teething. Sometimes it breaks my heart to watch ­Jillian move so quickly and ­Hudson take a back seat. But then I have to remind myself that they’re not ­progressing at the same level for a reason.”

Their doctor advises the couple to not consider the babies twins, because they are two separate children conceived at different times. Which is whiy Julia celebrated their first birthday with two separate parties, separate cakes, everything separate. But she wonders about the future, when they’re older, when the childrens’ three week age difference isn’t so obvious.

“…we’re not really sure what will happen. As they come to understand their special bond, Todd and I will ­probably leave it up to Jillian and Hudson to decide whatever label they want to call themselves. We’re not naive to the fact ­teachers, friends and even family will call them twins it’s inevitable and it doesn’t bother us. But we will leave that official title up to the kids.”

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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