Miranda Kerr: Supermodel, Champion of Public Breastfeeding

miranda kerr breastfeedingNew mom Miranda Kerr gets my vote for celebrity poster girl for Natural Motherhood…at least until Alicia Silverstone has her baby. First, an unmedicated birth of a 10 pound baby. Now, a photo of her breastfeeding in People Magazine. The photo of Kerr, taken by her husband, Orlando Bloom, was posted last week on her website Kora Organics (Where Kerr sells her own line of natural skincare products.)

Though the image did apparently raise some eyebrows and spark some controversy,  there was less brouhaha than you might expect. After all, I can’t recall ever seeing a fully exposed breastfeeding breast in People magazine before. Can you?

Here’s my theory. Maybe people were more able to handle the exposure of Miranda Kerr’s breasts than just any old breastfeeding breasts…simply because Miranda Kerr and her boobs are so darn CUTE.

Yes, that breast has a baby on the end of it which is a somewhat unexpected accessory when you’re more used to seeing it adorned with a Victoria’s Secret bra. But it’s not like its some big ol’ floppy flappy breast spilling into an amorphous blob on the bed.  Maybe seeing those perfect champagne glass orbs in baby feeding mode is somehow less threatening than everyday mortal breasts. Or maybe they just think she looks kind of pretty. I mean, look at her. How could you not?

I do understand the modesty factor when it comes to public breastfeeding, though it’s not something I subscribe to personally. But I do wonder sometimes if part of people’s problem with breastfeeding is that it simply grosses them out. Which happens partly because they’re not used to seeing it. Will a photo of an impossibly gorgeous lingerie model tastefully nursing her newborn help get people more comfortable with the reality of mothers nursing their babies? Maybe not. But it probably won’t hurt.

photo: Kora Organics

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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