Modified Bed Rest, Sort Of


Bed rest can be depressing, especially when there’s nothing wrong with your pregnancy, just your body giving out. That’s where I am. I injured my back and it’s not getting better with physical therapy. Sure the physical therapy feels good and works for a short period of time, but as soon as I’m on my feet again, the searing pain returns. Not cool. I saw my OB/GYN and she told me I must stay off my feet no walking the kids to school (even from the car), no standing over the stove cooking, no dishes, no lifting my toddler out of his crib. Not because any of these activities will somehow harm the baby, nope, he’s just fine. It’s due to the blown back with spasms and there’s not a whole lot that can be done while pregnant (as far as medication and surgery goes).  The injury is apparently common and so avoidable, which is so annoying!  All you preggo’s out there, take care of your back and see how to avoid injuring yourself in this delicate state.

You know what I did to cause this stay off your feet state I’m in? Sitting. That’s right, sitting. I had to go to a conference and sit in an uncomfortable chair for many hours. Sure there were breaks for lunch and dinner, but the rest of the day was sitting on a convention center chair.  Ouch. I should have spoken up earlier and requested a better chair (by the time I did, the damage was done).

Not only would a better chair have helped and will help you ladies sitting all day in front of a computer, but proper lumbar support is key.

Make sure you take frequent breaks too, even standing at your desk and walking in place is better than nothing.

Also, stretching. I’ve got a few the PT recommended for me, but a nice and easy relaxing stretch is the yoga move, wide leg child’s pose.

If you are lying down, make sure you roll onto your side and lift your body with your arms.

Stop the slouch! Shoulders back and sit up. Once that baby is born your posture will most likely go to the slouch so be careful.

Keep up the ab work.  Talk to your doctor about what type of abdominal exercise is appropriate for you. Keeping those abs strong will really help keep your back in check.

Take a daily walk.  This is a no brainer for any pregnancy, but will help prevent back issues.

Sleep on your side. I like to sleep in a sea of pillows, they are completely surrounding me and I’m an island of baby belly.

Stop the heavy lifting, even squatting down. It’s just too risky and will likely end in pain.

Take it easy on the chores. When mopping for vacuuming, try not to bend over, use your legs to lunge into your sweeps.

If you do end up with an injury or back pain, don’t waste any time before talking to your doctor and getting proper care. Ask for the prescriptions or referrals you need and head on over to physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractor, or anyone else your doctor refers you to. I actually got a prescription for a walker with a seat. There’s a sexy sight.

Make sure to follow your doctors orders too. I’ve been stretching and icing multiple times a day. As for staying off my feet as much as possible, I’m managing that in my own way. I called all the places I need to run errands this week to ask if they have scooters, those that do I make a trip, those that don’t I ask my husband or friend for a favor. That’s me in the photo on a Home Depot run as I scoot through the parking lot, making the most out of my modified bed rest.


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