Mom Drops Pants and Gives Birth on the Sidewalk

The entrance  to the hospital was within sight but the baby was coming. Now.

So, Elissa Simonson, of Minnesota, pulled down her pants and gave birth right there on the sidewalk.

Her husband, Josh Simonson, ran to get help. But by the time he got back with doctors (seconds apparently), Elissa was already holding her daughter to her chest. “I just couldn’t believe my eyes… she seemed to be healthy and she was making little cooing noises,” Josh said.

Mother and baby girl, McKenna Rose, are both doing fine and checked out of the hospital on Wednesday. This is her third child.

In an interview Josh said, “Elissa grabbed me and told me that she had to push and that she couldn’t go any further. I kind of thought that I could still get her in the building, but at that point, she started unbuckling her pants.”

This happens from time to time. I’ve seen two videos of unplanned unassisted births in the past couple of weeks: Here’s a provocative video of a woman giving birth alone while waiting for her midwife and husband, and here’s some footage of a recent taxi cab birth in NYC taken by an Occupy Wall Street videographer.

I actually found it reassuring to hear stories of births happening en route to the hospital when I was first pregnant. I know it sounds nuts, but I guess it reassured me to know that birth can work… in a cab, on a sidewalk, whatever. Ever notice how these stories always have happy endings?  Mom gives birth on subway and the baby is… fine! I know it’s not ideal. But when it happens this way, that’s usually a sign that labor is working well. And moms do rise to the occasion and have strong instincts about what to do. (Also this is more likely in a subsequent birth and mom has some experience by then.)

My husband, on the other hand, was always petrified by these scenarios, and to this day will look back at our safe, uneventful, fully assisted births and wonder, “what if… ” we’d been all alone?



Photo credit: Jon Ovington/Flickr

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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