Mom Gives Birth After Five Months in a Hospital Bed

Lisa Copley, 31, was confined to a hospital bed, on her back, for five months in order to prevent miscarriage of her twins.

According to the Daily Mail, Copley’s cervix started thinning as soon as 15 weeks. An 18 week check-up revealed continued cervical effacement so doctors recommended that Copley check into the hospital and remain on her back 24/7.

The initial goal was to just clear the 24 week mark, but she made it all the way to 35 weeks. At 28 weeks she briefly left to see a specialist but started premature contractions so she went back onto hospital bedrest. In all, she was in the hospital from last August until the end of December, when she gave birth to her twins who are now both healthy babies.
Copley’s case is unusual. She had been previously diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and began fertility treatment soon after. At that point, it was discovered that her cervix had fused closed, possibly as the result of scar tissue caused by a laser treatment she’d been given in her 20s for the removal of abnormal cervical cells. The cervical problems helped explain the difficulty she had getting pregnant. But then once pregnant, via IVF, her cervix started to thin out very rapidly.

She was allowed to go to the bathroom (a few steps from her bed) but otherwise Copley literally stayed in bed for five months. She developed a skin rash and her muscles became weak to the point where she could hardly stand up after her stay. Once she reached 34 weeks she was allowed to go home and then a week later she gave birth via c-section.
Can you imagine being in the hospital for five months? That’s some hard work.

Copley told the Daily Mail, “Most people hate spending any time in hospital and can’t believe it when I tell them I was in for nearly half a year. But as a mother, you will do anything to protect your babies. I’m just thrilled that it worked.” Congratulations to Copley and her whole family.

You can read more about Copley’s remarkable story at The Daily Mail.



Article Posted 4 years Ago

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