Mom Gives Birth On New Jersey PATH Train, Redefines Fast Commute

She was pregnant when she boarded the train in Jersey and not pregnant when she arrived at Penn Station in Manhattan.

She is a 31-year-old woman from Harrison, N.J. who felt contraction-like pains, according to the Associated Press, and decided to take the PATH train into the city with her husband. I believe this ride is about an hour tops. But on the train the contractions become more intense and they realized the baby was actually coming out. The baby was born around 10am. We don’t know their names yet as they’re still telling family members about the baby. PATH officials decided to take the train straight to 33rd street, bypassing local stops.

I want to know more details! Mostly because this is every expectant couple’s worst nightmare but also a highly unlikely scenario. So I’d like to know things like whether this was her first baby? The average length of a first time labor is 24 hours. Of course not all of that is intense pain but please comment if you never really noticed it until the baby was basically coming out. Most feel intense contractions for hours before the head is even close to emerging.

You do occasionally hear this kind of story and it’s more likely in a place like NYC– there are so many births every day, the odds  of a commuter delivery are much higher than in less populated areas. Congratulations to the couple. What will the birth certificate say?!


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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