Mom Gives Uterus To Daughter So She Can Get Pregnant

The ultimate gift.

Stop and think about this for a minute. A woman will be receiving a womb from her mother to carry her own baby. She will carry a baby in the very womb that she herself spent her first nine months of existence… Isn’t that wild?

As Meredith Carroll reports over on Strollerderby, an Australian woman is donating her womb to her 34-year-old daughter, Melissa Arnold.

Arnold was born without a womb, but has ovaries that produce eggs. She has tried twice to use her mom as a surrogate and even tried to adopt. This transplant is apparently her last option at becoming a mother. If it’s successful she’ll have to wait a year before attempting a pregnancy through IVF

This isn’t the first time this has happened. Earlier this year a 25-year-old Swedish woman born without reproductive organs announced her 56-year-old mom’s womb would be transplanted into her so she could try to have a baby of her own.

The advancements in medical science are staggering. This story blows me away. I am absolutely filled with awe about the concept of someone being able to experience motherhood by giving birth to their own child via the womb that housed them as well. I feel almost reverent about that concept. As a mother I will do whatever it takes so that my daughter could fulfill her dream of becoming a mother. I’d donate organs, hell, I’d probably donate a limb because, hey, I’m totally getting a grandchild from the whole ordeal and that is the dream of my own future. What do you think?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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