Mom Loses Baby After Accidental Abortion

Losing a baby to a miscarriage is one of the most heartbreaking things I have ever felt as a woman. I remember rushing to the emergency room after experiencing light blood early on in my second pregnancy. After a bunch of tests and seeing a heartbeat on the ultrasound, I returned home only to miscarry a few days later. Thankfully everything passed naturally, but that was only known after a thorough ultrasound by my doctor.

A New Zealand woman is mourning the loss of her unborn child after a mistaken miscarriage. According to the NZ Herald, the woman went to  a Waitemata District Health Board hospital after experiencing some bleeding during her pregnancy. The hospital assumed she was having a miscarriage and gave her Misoprostol, a drug used to “complete miscarriage”.

After doing an ultrasound, the technicians noticed a faint heartbeat, meaning that the fetus was still alive. To try to reverse the effects of the drug the woman took 12 minutes earlier, the hospital gave her charcoal to try to save the baby. Unfortunately a later ultrasound revealed that it was too late and that the baby had already passed.

The death of the fetus resulted in the hospital devising a new policy for the use of Misoprostol and the hospital staff was also given additional education.

Although it’s a good thing that the hospital has a new plan for the use of the drug, a woman shouldn’t have had to accidentally lose her child in order for it to happen. I’m not quite sure why the hospital just assumed the fetus was already dead when she came in bleeding. There are plenty of women who experience bleeding early on in pregnancy, who are not experiencing a miscarriage.

The hospital should have done all the necessary tests to determine that the women was, in fact, experiencing a miscarriage before even thinking about giving her a drug to abort the child.

My thoughts go out to this woman for this horrible loss.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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