Mom Says Smoking While Pregnant Was Good For Baby

Midwives testing Miss Wilcox's carbon monoxide levels when she was pregnant found they were six times higher than the level considered safe for babies.

Oh my.

I’ve heard a lot of bizarre beliefs about pregnancy. But most of those beliefs are generally superstitious in nature and don’t fly in the face of cold, hard fact.

As Sunny Chanel points out over on Strollerderby, misguided opinions often only harm the person who has such a belief, this one could cause serious problems for an innocent life.

Apparently, a 22-year-old woman in Great Britain believes that smoking cigarettes while knocked up was actually good for her daughter. To paraphrase Sunny again, “Huh?”

Twenty-year-old Charlie Wilcox – who has been smoking since 14 – sucked down thousands of cigarettes while expecting her daughter, Lily. Wilcox tells The Daily Mail she reckons she was doing her daughter a favor because “smoking would make her unborn child’s heart stronger by restricting her oxygen supply and forcing her heart to work harder”.

Wilcox is so firm in her belief she even appeared on a British show called Misbehaving Mums To Be to make her case.

First off, Misbehaving Mums To Be? What the? Secondly, holy crap – we really need to start making people apply for a parenting license. Here is an entire paragraph from The Daily Mail because the quotes are too unbelievable to edit:

On the show Wilcox said “on a typical day when I was pregnant I would smoke a fag every 45 minutes, especially if it was the morning. I’d have a fag with every cup of tea I made. On an average day I’d smoke a minimum of 20.” She continued saying, “I love smoking. I love just having that something there to do. Roll a fag. Smoke the fag. Watch TV. Have another fag. You’re constantly doing something, so it makes it like a hobby.” And that, “During my pregnancy, I thought that if I was smoking so much and it was cutting off oxygen to the baby, then surely it would have made her use her own heart and the muscles she’d have to use when she was out.

Lily was born ten days early and was a pound under average weight, but so far seems healthy.

Charlie further validates her choice to smoke by saying that sure the stress of quitting would’ve been more harmful to her daughter – she has a friend who quit smoking and had a miscarriage – and demands proof that smoking is bad for babies.

How did I start this post again? Oh, right… Oh my.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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