Momma’s Havin’ A Baby Child: It’s Go Time!

First, how adorable is my hospital gown from Annie and Isabel? Of course you know I was going to wear a standard hospital gown. Gotta labor in style! It totally makes labor so much more fun. 

Okay…back to your regular scheduled programming……..

Friday night my very exciting {and super stressful} weekend began and after I few hours I asked myself, where are the reality tv cameras when you need them? Seriously. It was rough.

It began when I was almost positive my water broke. I started to have steady contractions every 2-3 minutes.  I felt like I needed to go to the bathroom constantly. Which is kinda typical when you have a 6 pound baby sitting on your bladder. And on my way there I felt a trickle. Immediate thought? Crap. I guess I peed myself. But than I felt more of a trickle and stepped over the bathtub to see if more came out and sure enough it did. Clear, and no smell of urine. I even called the hubs in to double check. So of course, my doctor said immediately head to the hospital.

Well, when we arrived, my doctor well one of them, it’s a practice of five, was gone for the weekend. What? Are you kidding me? Well of course I was not happy to hear I’d be getting a fill in doctor. Especially with my history.

After getting situated into triage and after 4 paper test as they call them, they were positive my water had broken. Ten minutes later after a microscope test and exam, we had a false positive. Baby’s head was down and bag of waters was bulging and they thought it was leaking. I was still 35 weeks and 4 days so they admitted for observation + started IV fluids to try and control contractions some while my “fill in” doctor tried to figure out what to do. His decision? I was too much to handle with my history so I was to be bed written until someone from my office arrived on monday at 8am. Yes, Monday. Awesome. 

So fast forward to the exciting part vs. all the borning stuff I could complain about after my emotionally breakdown this weekend and being beyond frustrated.

This am one of the doctors from my practice arrives and decides that I didn’t need to be there, discharged me and sent me home. After an entire weekend spent in the hospital, I saw the doctor for maybe 45 seconds. Immediately, I broke into tears. I was emotionally exhausted, in pain, having a lot of pressure and the nurse was certain I was heading to labor and delivery soon especially with my cervix being dilated. So, with that said, I was on my way out of the hospital by 11am just to head to my 36 week regular check-up and sono. When I arrived around 1pm I was still contracting every 2-3 minutes and was between 3-4cm and as my doctor said “in active labor”. So, she immediately got paper work together to admit me directly to labor and delivery. I knew that my labor had been progressing so I was disappointed I even got sent home. But, at least I knew there was no turning back now. This was it. It’s go time. 

And, here I am. Water was broken at 6pm and as I am typing this my pitocin {since I seem to be stuck at 4cm} is begining and I am finishing up IV antibiotic {since baby is pre-term} and my epidurial is in full swing. Woo hoo. And now, we just wait for baby to arrive! Now I am sending one last minute prayer up in hopes we don’t see the NICU. Stay tuned for a baby update! 

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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