Mommy and Baby Halloween Costumes

Who wouldn’t love to have a fun Mommy and Me Halloween costume like this one… perfectly coordinated with baby, whimsical yet still gorgeous?

But that’s not real life, with things like deadlines and car pools and dinners and pregnancies and sleeping taking precedence over hand-making a coordinating Mommy-and-Me Halloween costume.

So what’s a fun-loving, Halloween-enjoying mom to do?  Improvise, of course!  Check out these fun ideas for babies and parents; I’ll bet you could easily create something from what you have at home or from a quick trip to a local thrift store after these inspirations:

  • Check out this cute little elf costume.  Pair this with a Mrs. Claus outfit and OH MY!  Adorable and not without a little va-voom potential (for sweet and classic, yet somewhat sexy Mrs. Claus dress, think of Zooey Deschanel in Elf).
  • Babies often have pajamas or jackets with footies that have an animal theme.  Take a good look at your inventory…and consider if there are any classic stories that could go along with it.  Dorothy and Toto?  Mary and her Little Lamb?
  • The newborn in a pea-pod outfit is pretty well known; it’s a classic.  We had some friends bump up the old standard by having the dad dress up as Green Giant, baby asleep in his arms all night. Serious cuteness.
  • Look at this adorable little devil; an angelic costume for mom is a no-brainer…and one that will easily transition into a fun evening party for the grown-ups.
  • Dress yourself as Cruella de Ville complete with long wig and gown (I have a friend who used her black prom dress for the occasion) and your children as Dalmatian puppies (white sweat pants, black construction paper spots, done!).

Do you have any suggestions for easily crafting Mommy and Me coordinating costumes for Halloween?  I’d love to hear them!


Try your hand at homemade with these easy Halloween Costumes!


Article Posted 7 years Ago

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