Mommyrexia: Do You Care About Healthy Weight Gain During Pregnancy?

Mommyrexia - moms who gain less weight that what's healthy while pregnant
Mommyrexia - moms who gain less weight that what

First there was anoerxia, then tanorexia and now MOMMYREXIA?

Yes. Mommyrexia is defined as moms who gain less weight that what is healthy for their body type during pregnancy.  These mommyrexics are SO obsessed with their weigh that they fret gaining weight during pregnancy. Weight gain during pregnancy is healthy and natural.

With so many pregnant celebrities looking ultra-fit while growing a child, is there any surprise that this mommyrexic trend is real?

So how much healthy weight should someone gain while pregnant? 

If you are underweight pre-pregnancy, pregnancy weight gain should be: 28-40 lbs

If your pre-pregnancy weight is normal, pregnancy weight gain should be: 25-35 lbs

If you are overweight pre-pregnancy, pregnancy weight gain should be: 15-25 lbs

If you are obese pre-pregnancy, pregnancy weight gain should be: 11-20 lbs

Check out CNN’s coverage on Mommyrexia:


Most weight gained is lost during the birthing process. Health risks for mommyrexics include preterm child birth.

Do You Care About How Much Healthy Weight You Gain While Pregnant?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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