‘Mommyrexic Trend on the Rise: Just Look at Bethenny Frankel, Rachel Zoe and Victoria Beckham

Bethenny Frankel
I look bigger than that when I'm NOT pregnant

As I attempt to not gain too much weight during my pregnancy (which is different than trying to be thin, because I wasn’t to begin with), I have learned that there’s a term for women with everything to gain and nothing to lose and yet the needle on the scale stays virtually the same for the nine months of their pregnancies: mommyrexics.

Think Bethenny Frankel, Rachel Zoe, Victoria Beckham and January Jones. Skinny beyond skinny before they were pregnant, seemingly skinnier when they were ready to give birth and, in the case of Bethenny and Rachel just as thin within, like, days after giving birth.

And as celebrities so often do, they have started a trend among many regular moms who want to stay pin thin while knocked up.

The fashion is for new and expectant moms to go to extreme lengths to battle the bulge that usually comes along with being pregnant, particularly in high profile cities like New York. Women are spending thousands to restore to their pre-pregnancy sizes in record time. Maternity collections now provide exercise clothes for those who remain seriously active up to their own labor day, with the fashion houses saying there is an increased demand to produce smaller sizes. There are exercise classes called “MILF” and “Stroller Bootcamp.”

Many health experts are, of course, concerned about the trend, saying that working to stay thin during pregnancy and losing the baby weight all at once and immediately afterward is dangerous on many levels.

It doesn’t help when the celebrity tabloids gush about how model Miranda Kerr dropped the baby weight “in record time,” and Rachel Zoe “barely gained any weight during her pregnancy.” As if both were good, necessarily healthy things.

Other experts say there is danger to the baby, and not just because their moms aren’t giving them enough nourishment during gestation.

One psychiatrist explained, “It’s a vicious cycle [women] are worried about losing their husbands, and will ignore the baby and even come to resent the baby” in an attempt to stay thin at a time when they should just be worried about staying healthy.

I have to say that I’m not so big on labels, but I’m actually not cringing at the mommyrexic title being ascribed to others. Because even though I haven’t gained much weight (probably because I took care of that before becoming pregnant), I still get a little pang of jealousy or . . . something when I see pictures of the pregnant celebrities who don’t look pregnant other than the globe strapped around their waist.

Do you know any mommyrexic women? Do you agree that this is a growing trend and that celebrities are to blame?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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