Mommy's Having a Baby: Kids Reactions To The Big News

We waited until after our 20 week sonogram to tell our four-year-old that he’d be having a younger sibling in a few months. Our reason for delaying telling him was mainly because he’s not very good with the idea of time. He thinks everything in the past was last week and five minutes is the longest stretch of time he can contemplate waiting – the length of a pregnancy is way beyond his comprehension. I also needed some time to strategize how to deal with the fact that he’s told me straight-up that he wouldn’t like a baby, he’d prefer a 10-year-old big brother just like his buddy from preschool has.

I am not capable of birthing a 4th grader.

Once we finally did tell him, the conversation was mercifully short and simple. He was excited about the idea of a baby (yay!), curious about the idea of how it would come out (the doctor will help take it out), and interested in seeing it come out (negative – I’m having a repeat c-section). Then he wanted to play superheroes with his daddy. In the weeks since, he’s had questions about whether the baby is getting bigger, where it will sleep, and what it eats in Mommy’s tummy. He’s also had some awesome suggestions for a name including Otter, Heater, Hooter, and John.

These conversations have been so adorable that I asked around the internet for other stories about kids finding out about their impending siblings. Here are some of the best ones!

P.S. Many thanks to my pal Amy at Pregnant Chicken for soliciting stories from her awesome readers too!

  • We told my almost-2-year-old while showing her a picture of the ultrasound. We asked her if she was excited about having a new brother or sister. She grabbed the ultrasound photo and said, “YES! It’s a mouse! It’s so koot! I love it!” …She still thinks it’s a mouse in Mommy’s tummy. Hopefully she won’t be too disappointed next month when we bring home a baby human.
  • Yesterday, D said, “I can’t wait to hear his voice.” I almost melted…I’m sure there will be some dark times, too, but right now she is super excited.
  • My oldest was 18 and in her college dorm room. I asked if she was coming home for Thanksgiving because there was someone I wanted her to meet. “That was cryptic,” she said. “Yeah, it’s pretty mysterious. I don’t even know if it’s a boy or a girl.” She did a cute little dance and said “I’ma mess with its head!!”
  • When our 8 year old had some questions about sex, we gave him a PG, watered down version of how babies are made. He thought it was gross and didn’t say any more about it. Well, 4 months later, we found out we were pregnant. We told him by giving him a gift… a big brother t-shirt. When he looked at it, he didn’t smile or anything. He just looked up at us, back down at his shirt and said, “That is disgusting… ya’ll are so gross!!!” I got it on video but was so embarrassed that I couldn’t show anybody!!!
  • When we found out we were having a baby, my sons were 10 and 8. To get them prepared, we discussed the “birds and the bees” without going into too much detail but enough to answer questions. About 2 months before our third son arrived, The eight year old became very upset that we would not allow him to watch a documentary about sex. I told him he was welcome to look through some of my pregnancy books to see if he could articulate his question. He looked at the book for several minutes then showed me what he was looking for. It was a photograph of a woman breast feeding a baby. He wanted to know what she was doing. I explained that she was feeding the baby. He was terribly confused. He asked if it was cow milk. I replied no, it was “mom milk”. More puzzled looks… He grew quiet. Then he said, “Oh! Like cows! Those (breasts) are like what cows have! Only they (cows) have four…”. I was trying hard not to laugh as he was figuring it out. You could see the lightbulb flicker on as he looked at me. He said, “So, Momma that’s really what THOSE are for… I had always wondered.” At this point I couldn’t hold it in and laughed until I hurt. We did not have any other questions until the baby was born.
  • I left an ultra sound photo on the table for my 8 and 5 year old to discover. My 5 year old handed it right to her brother and he said….” whoah it’s a little baby and it’s wearing a HUGE Helmet!! Mom is this ours? Are you joking?” To this day there are so sweet with their baby sister 🙂
  • One of my sons, who was had just turned 7, hid on a shelf in his armoire for over an hour and then asked “how could I be sure” and then “how did the baby get in there” – at which point his older brother started laughing and joyously squealing “now you’ve gotta tell him!” good times…
  • An often told story in my family is how my then 4 year old brother first reacted upon seeing me through the glass in the nursery at the hospital: “EWWW! That’s my SISTER?!?!”.
  • When my son was three and we were expecting number 2, he told us it needed to be another boy; otherwise, a girl would have to sleep behind the couch. When we went for the ultrasound, the tech announced it was a boy and my son loudly said, “Yes! Another stinky boy!”
  • We told my 3 yr old daughter that I had a baby in my tummy and she was going to be a big sister. Because she didn’t understand she took these two details to be mutually exclusive and remembered the one she thought was more interesting. She went to school the next day and announced to her whole class during show and tell that I like to eat babies and that I ate one last night. Thank goodness her teacher has a sense of humor.
  • We asked my 4 yo daughter if she wanted a new baby…she said, “No, I want a puppy.”
  • When our 7 year old was told she would have a sibling, she was excited and wanted an older sister, was very upset when her baby brother arrived.
  • Me: Gav what should we call the baby? Gav: Pluto Me: ok, do you know where the baby is? Gav: in your clubhouse,there ::points to belly:: 🙂

What did your kids say when they found out about a new sibling on the way?

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