10 Moms Answer the Question: How Long Did It Take You To Get Pregnant?

From weeks to months to years, just how long does it take to get pregnant? Here are 10 moms willing to share their stories.

It took me 1 month to get pregnant 1 of 10
Name: Aly C.
Age: 26
Location: Tacoma, WA
What happened? My husband and I decided to start trying last summer around our 3rd anniversary. I got off birth control in May, thinking that it would take up to a year for the hormones to leave my system (after being on them for about 5 years). It took my mom a couple years to conceive, so I was thinking we would have some time. WRONG! I started charting my cycle/trying to conceive in July, and was pregnant the SAME cycle! I was super surprised, and so was my husband! I knew I was pregnant when the week after I felt myself ovulate, I had light spotting and cramping (implantation bleeding). Took a test the week after to confirm my thoughts and it was positive! Welcoming baby girl #1 in April! 
It took me 8 years to get pregnant 2 of 10
Name: Genevieve W.
Age: 32
Location: Portland, Oregon
What happened? I certainly didn't try to get pregnant with my first daughter at age 19! Then it took 8 years of being the weird lady crying in the corner at baby showers before we became pregnant with our second daughter. I made my husband switch to boxers, forbid him to use hot tubs or bicycles or play basketball to protect the family jewels, and I researched what foods he should and should not eat. I was a little intense! Almost exactly three years later, we became pregnant with our third daughter. Yep, three girls. At this point, Eric has lost all hope of having a boy!
It took me 3 weeks to get pregnant 3 of 10
Name: Amanda H.
Age: 32
Location: Ann Arbor, MI
What happened? Was I surprised by the amount of time it took me? YES! My older brother was the first fertility pill baby born (in 1969!) in Southwestern Ontario, Canada and then I didn't come along until nine years later, so I just assumed it was going to take a long time. My husband and I had only been married two months and I told him it was probably going to take a year to get pregnant. In fact, we booked our annual (non-refundable) trip to Vegas only thee days before I found out. We had to sell our front row Kid Rock VIP Whiskey Tour tickets for that weekend because my doctor didn't want me at a rock concert!

What lengths did you go to in getting your timing right? etc. None...we were very fortunate.

I've attached two pictures of me with my beautiful Avery: one when she was 15 minutes old and another from this New Year's Eve where she's two years old.
It took me 6 weeks to get pregnant 4 of 10
Name: Lyndsay M.
Age: 27
Location: Washington, DC
What happened? We decided in Dec '11 to go off birth control and try for a baby. I was mid-cycle but didn't care. I immediately joined the TTC group on Babyzone to pick up tips and tricks. I honestly thought it would take a long time because I have a hypothyroid. The first real month of trying, I winged it. I kind of knew when I should ovulate, but not for sure. I'm not even sure I ovulated that month! We DTD a few times and that was about it. When I didn't get pregnant the first month, I became obsessive to say the least! I was tracking my temperature, used Fertility Friend, tracked cervical mucus and used ovulation predictor kits. When I was due to ovulate, my husband and I had sex the four days leading up to and after ovulation--I didn't want to miss that egg!

I ovulated for sure on a Saturday and by Sunday had sore breasts, heartburn & extremely vivid dreams. I knew then we had succeeded. My husband was convinced I was [baby] crazy. At 11 days post ovulation, on our 5 year wedding anniversary, I got my big fat positive. Our son was born on October 28, 2012.
It took me 2.5 months to get pregnant 5 of 10
Name: Anastasia D.
Age: 23
Location: Long Island, NY
What happened? My husband and I decided to have a baby, and got pregnant right away. Unfortunately, when we went for our first appointment we found out we have a miscarriage. I had to have D&C and we tried to conceive afterwards. It took us 2 months and it was devastating for us not to conceive right away. We were afraid that something happened during the surgery that caused us to have trouble having a baby. But thankfully on last Valentine's Day I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. Yay! Our princess was born on November 2, 2013.
It took me 4 months to get pregnant 6 of 10
Name: Renae C.
Age: 29
Location: San Francisco
What happened? I took prenatal vitamins and changed my lifestyle for 3 months before we started trying, so I thought it would be almost instantaneous. We even tried not trying, but just letting it happen, which turned out to be even more stressful for a planner like me. After thinking I was pregnant twice and not actually being, I resorted to technology. I downloaded a fertility app and tracked when I would be ovulating. Within that month I was pregnant!
It took me 7 months to get pregnant 7 of 10
Name: Susan B.
Age: 36
Location: Chicago, Illinois
What happened? I got pregnant the month after we stopped using protection. It was unexpected and fairly unplanned, as we were expecting it to take a lot longer and more effort. We really hadn't even tried, we simply stopped "trying not to."  I knew it right away, about a week before my missed period, I can't explain it but I just knew it even though we weren't expecting it. Eight weeks later I miscarried. And it was devastating. 

We started trying to get pregnant again as soon as I was medically cleared (about a month later) and it felt like an eternity. I was living my life in two week increments from there - I would treat my body like a temple for two weeks only to get my period, be devastated, then have to wait another two weeks before "it counted" again. That's not a healthy way to look at sex, your marriage or your life, and I was convinced I would never get pregnant and carry. One particular week in December, about 7 months after the miscarriage, I was beside myself with emotions, crying to my husband every day about the situation, what it was doing to me and to us. We decided we'd take a few months off from trying, only to find out a week later that I was pregnant at the time, which would probably explain the emotional roller coaster. I was actually at the doctor's office for my yearly, discussing our fertility options for the new year, and when she did my breast examination I winced in pain, which was notably unusual. I knew right then and there why. Nine months later we were blessed with a happy and healthy baby girl.  
It took me 2 years to get pregnant (with my fourth child) 8 of 10
Name: Jessica B., blogger at Suitcases & Sippy Cups
Age: 35
Location: Dallas, TX
What happened? My oldest three boys were conceived the first month of trying. I joke and tell people that my husband and I just have to look at each other across the room to create a baby. My youngest was a completely different story. We tried for over two years to conceive, and given our extra-fertile track record, it was quite a shock to have to struggle to conceive. We were told by doctors that there was no way that we would conceive without medical intervention, and we elected not to pursue that. We were devastated. We had always seen our family as a family of six, and there was an emptiness that could not be filled.  To fill the void, so to speak, we took a family trip to DisneyWorld. It was during that trip that our fourth “miracle baby” was conceived, proving that Disney really is the happiest place on Earth!
It took me 2 months (baby #1) and 6 months (baby #2) to get pregnant 9 of 10
Name: Gabby O.
Age: 28 
Location: State College, PA
What happened? I got pregnant with my first child after TTC for only 2 months. I kind of knew we were pregnant the second month: hair wouldn't do anything, not hungry but would sit down at dinner and hog my food down, and mozzarella cheese 
tasted AMAZING. We only had sex 5 times that month and it worked.

This second time, it took 6 months. I did not go back on the pill after having the first baby and assumed it would only take 2 months. I was sorely mistaken. Many months of heart break over it not working with each negative test. We tried sex every night during my fertile window. Nothing. We tried sex every other day during my fertile window. Nothing. We had sex twice during the month we conceived. I believe it was the middle of the night rendezvous that did it! I knew I was pregnant this time around because I was a HOT mess. It's been the coldest winter we've had in 20 years and I would sleep naked and be dripping sweat. I normally wear 3-4 layers to bed and I am under 3 blankets. Shortness of breath, very hungry and again...mozzarella cheese tastes amazing! I think it took us longer the second time because we were under more stress, trying to sneak in "us" time with a 3.5 year old is very hard and I was thinking and planning it CONSTANTLY. I just couldn't let it rest. My husband said he wanted to move to Hawaii (we live in PA) and that completely took the focus off of TTC and into planning a major move. BAM. Pregnant! And after much consideration we are staying on the mainland. 
I never became pregnant 10 of 10
Name: Suzanne S.
Age: 40
Location: Los Angeles, CA
What happened? We went through 6.5 years of yearning to become parents, pursuing fertility treatments and adoption simultaneously. Those years included: 24 months of failed exclusively trying to conceive naturally -- while taking basal temp and tracking fertile days; 4 failed artificial inseminations; 4 failed embryo transfers; 7 miscarried embryos; and two failed adoptions. We are now proud parents to the most amazing son, adopted at birth. All we endured became worth it the moment my son was placed in my arms at the hospital. My husband and I believe the timing of our entire journey was planned to arrive at that moment, with our son. The three of us were always meant to be a family. 
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