Moms Tweet Their Hospital Bag Must-Haves

Moms share their hospital bag must-haves!

Now that I’ve hit week 30, I’m starting to think a lot more about what I will need when the time comes for this baby to make his grand entrance into the world.  There is only so much I can prepare for ahead of time, so I’m trying to only worry about what I can.

One of the the things easiest to prepare ahead of time is getting together my bag for the hospital.  I’m really hoping to have as pleasant of a delivery experience as possible, and I know that having certain things with me (like music!) will make that more likely.  Yesterday I polled experienced moms on Twitter, asking…

What is the most important thing to take in your hospital bag? Or what did you WISH you had in hindsight?

Some of the answers were things I was already planning on taking, and others were most definitely news to me!

  • Snacks 1 of 10
    Hungry = cranky, and we won't need any of that in the delivery room. Definitely making sure to pack plenty of food!
  • Makeup 2 of 10
    While I can't actually imagine putting any of it on, I'm sure if I don't bring it I will decide I want it.
  • Something Sentimental 3 of 10
    Something Sentimental
    This tweet totally made me tear up. (Hormones, much?) Love the idea of having something special and sentimental to make the hospital feel like home.
  • Chapstick 4 of 10
    I heard this response multiple times, so there must definitely be some truth to it.
  • Camera 5 of 10
    Mine pretty much never leaves my side, so I'm not too worried about forgetting it. I'm still trying to figure out who is going to be taking the photos though...
  • Comfy Clothes 6 of 10
    Comfy Clothes
    I am definitely not expecting to fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans any time in the near future, so I will be packing lots of yoga pants and large t-shirts. No reason to be uncomfortable!
  • Breastfeeding Supplies 7 of 10
    Breastfeeding Supplies
    I still don't understand what any of this is, but I know that I need it. Hopefully the nurses can provide whatever I forget!
  • Boppy 8 of 10
    I have my Boppy all set up and ready to go in the nursery, but I never would have thought to take it to the hospital. Good to know!
  • iPod / Music Player 9 of 10
    iPod / Music Player
    This one I am all over. I am planning on bringing our iPad and docking station, and have already requested an Alison Krauss playlist to soothe me through childbirth.
  • Chargers 10 of 10
    This is definitely good advice, and something I can imagine a lot of people forget. Nothing worse than turning on the camera to capture the birth of your child and seeing a blinking dead battery light.

Can you add to this list?  What are some other hospital bag essentials?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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