More Birthing Centres Needed!

Bella Rose Birthing Centre, Nelspruit in the province of Mpumalanga.

When will more of society join in the push with our midwives for more birthing centres?

I’m not talking about in the U.S. Y’all have it made!

America has a bevvy of them, in fact a comprehensive resource on birth centers [American Association of Birth Centres] a multi-disciplinary membership organization comprised of individuals and organizations who support the birth center concept.

Their database is robust, their birth centre listings seemingly bursting at the seams.

Where I live, in Ontario – in fact Canada, (with the exception of Quebec) embarrassingly, this is not the case. We are in DIRE need of Birthing Centres. In my avid research I was hard-pressed to find more than 3 in all of Canada except for in Quebec. Hosting 13 birthing centres with plans to more than double that number in the next five years, why the drought everywhere else in Canada?

An evidence based and cost effective model; midwifery-led birthing centres have been proven to work as a wise move in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries.

Why Birth Centres?

Midwifery-led birth centres support and facilitate natural, non-invasive birth’s both medically and psychologically. Safe, community based care is of the upmost priority, therefore decreasing unnecessary interventions, such as c-sections.

Midwifery clients are diverse in age, cultural background and ethnicity, socio-economic status and health status. So are midwives.

Women and newborns are not exposed to hospital-based infections and have a home-like environment to labour and birth in. A world apart fromĀ  apart from institutions that care for people with infectious diseases. Birthing centres assist to make midwifery more accessible and help women and their families realize their goals of a normal and healthy childbirth without the fear.

Money Honey – Fiscally Responsible

Midwifery-led birth centres are an innovative solution to improve care and cut costs. Millions could be saved on the healthcare system if women with low-risk pregnancies were incited to use birthing centres instead of hospitals. So says The Association of Ontario Midwives.

Katrina Kilroy, president of the midwives association, puts the likely savings at $50 million per year. Stating, “The high quality of care that is provided in a birth centre would be more cost-effective than providing the same care in a hospital.”

Midwives provide follow-up care in their clients home after birth whether it happens at home, in a centre or at the hospital. Because of the comprehensive care that is administered, midwives have a very low readmission rate.

Sounds like a no-brainer to me. What about you?

I am interested to hear from those of you who have birthed in a birthing centre, show us what we’re missing in Canada!

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