25 More Ways to Announce Pregnancy

Christmas in July 1 of 25
"Our baby is due Dec. 30th, so we decided to send out Christmas cards in July including a picture of the ultrasound with a Santa hat Photoshopped on the baby's head, exclaiming 'Santa's putting a special present under our tree this year! Happy Christmas in July!'"
The Eviction Notice 2 of 25
"I just found out that I'm pregnant this morning. Today at work I designed an 'Eviction Notice' to hang on my husband's office door (the 3rd bedroom that we will need.) On the notice I stated the date he will need to vacate the premises."
Puzzle Perfect 3 of 25
"My husband and I just found out we are pregnant with our third and want to tell our family in a memorable way. I am planning to take a picture of our first ultrasound and a note saying the due date and have it made into a puzzle. I will disassemble the puzzle when it arrives and send it to my family members so they have to assemble the puzzle to discover the news!"

The Minimalist 4 of 25
"I drew my husband a picture of three stick figures holding hands and stuck it in his work suitcase. The next day, I received a pretty surprised, excited phone call from him."
The Bun Maker 5 of 25
"We are going to be 12 weeks right around Halloween. We are having a huge Halloween bash. I am wearing a box that I made to look like an oven with a bun in it and my husband will be wearing a chef's outfit with 'The Bun Maker' written on the apron. We hope everyone will get it."

Brandie B.
Hand Over Heart 6 of 25
"I really enjoy photography. When I found out I was pregnant, I took a picture of my bare belly with my hands making the shape of a heart around my belly button. I Photoshopped the picture to make it look very pretty, and at the top I put the caption 'I love my Daddy!' I printed the picture, put it in a frame, wrapped it, and gave it to my husband that evening before dinner. He didn't get it when he first glanced at the picture of my belly, but as soon as he looked at the caption his face got serious and he said 'Really?!' We both laughed and cried when I said, 'Yeah, really!'"

Chocolate Chip Surprise 7 of 25
"My husband and I found out we were pregnant with our first baby on Christmas morning. To tell my parents, we taped a chocolate chip inside of a ring box. When my parents opened the box, my mom was really confused and had no idea what the chocolate chip meant. My dad thought we were giving him a lifetime supply of chocolate chip cookies. After a couple seconds, we told them the chocolate chip was the size of their new grandbaby. Everyone screamed and cried with excitement. That was the best gift we could ever give them."

Kristen R.
Our Newest Accessory 8 of 25
"My husband is a really talented photographer, and his hobby is taking beautiful pictures of our 10-month old son. Even though Christmas is still a few weeks away, I let him have his Christmas present early last night—a new digital SLR camera with special zoom lenses, polarizers, a new flash, etc. Then I handed him another box, and told him it was an accessory for his new camera—I wrapped up two positive pregnancy tests!"

Crystal B.
Birthday Balloon Game 9 of 25
"When my husband and I found out we were expecting we wanted to tell our family in a creative way. We got our families together and rented a chalet for the weekend to celebrate my husband's birthday. After cake, I brought out a bunch of balloons that all had the same message inside. I told them we were going to play a birthday game. My husband was in on it, but played as if he wasn't. I told everyone to pick a balloon and when I said 'go' they were to pop their balloons, and the one with the winning message got a prize. All the messages said 'Due in September!' The reaction was amazing!

Cupcake Mix-Up 10 of 25
"My husband and I have two boys—ages three and one—and we have a big party for them every August for their birthdays. We waited to tell everyone we were pregnant until the party. I had a cake for each of the boys and cupcakes for the adults. On each cupcake I wrote out the letters 'Atwood Baby #3 On Board,' but they were mixed up so everyone had to arrange the cupcakes to figure it out! Everyone was shocked but happy! Then, all of the kids ate the cupcakes!"

The Jumbotron 11 of 25
"When we found out we were having a baby we immediately started to think of a unique way to tell our parents. We happened to be going to a major league baseball park that night for a contest my husband had won, so we asked them to put 'Bre & Ryan Are Having a Baby' up on the big screen. They did and we took a lot of pictures. Everyone found out as they went through the pictures and finally got to that one!"

Cheeseburger Giveaway 12 of 25
"I don't really eat meat and I was at a BBQ with my in-laws and was very obviously enjoying a cheeseburger. My husband's mom looked at me and said, 'You are pregnant.' I didn't want to tell them that we were trying because we just started, but what do you say when a mother of three tells you flat-out that you are already there? She was right!"

A New Branch 13 of 25
"I found out that I was pregnant right before Mother's Day. When I arrived at my mother's house the day before, I still couldn't think of how to tell her. I finally came up with the idea of a family tree. The tree had pictures of my grandmother, parents, my brother, his wife, and their son. In the bottom right corner, underneath my picture, there was a picture of a stork and I printed 'Arriving January 2007.' It took my mother a while to get to the bottom, but when she looked up at me she had tears streaming from her eyes. She was speechless and couldn't quit hugging me. My family was thrilled!"

Future Apple Tree 14 of 25
"When we found out we were pregnant with our first child we told my parents first. We were having a fourth of July picnic and I sat down next to my mom and handed her an apple seed. She asked, 'What's this?' and I said, 'It's about the size of your first grandchild!'"

Save the Date 15 of 25
"We are telling our family next week that we are pregnant with our first. I made Save the Date cards, using the same design I used to make our wedding invitations. I put my due date, a picture of my husband and I holding the test, and a zoomed in shot of the 'pregnant' result, with the words 'We're pregnant!' next to the pictures. I can't wait to see how surprised my family is, especially because we said we were going to wait 3-5 years to have kids; we've only been married 5 months!"

Splish Splash 16 of 25
"I took two tests on December 11, just to be sure. When my husband came home from work, it was chilly so we decided to take a bath. We were just sitting there, talking about how expensive kids could be and how people must have tons of debt. I thought that it would be a great way to tell him, so I blurted out, 'Imagine how in-debt we will be if this test stays positive.' He looked at me dumbfounded, and then said, 'Seriously?' He just couldn't stop smiling!"

Knocked Up 17 of 25
"We're the type of the couple that everything is kind of spur of the moment. When we first began dating he said 'Are you my girlfriend or what?', when he asked me to marry him he said, 'I think we need to get married.' And so when I found out I was pregnant he was fixing a sandwich in the kitchen, I came in and said 'So you knocked me up.'"

Big Brother's Bib 18 of 25
"When we found out we were pregnant with our second child our son was only six months old. I bought a bib that said 'I'm the Big Brother' and put it on him when our parents came over for dinner. It took about 20 minutes for them to realize what it said, but they were ecstatic."

Jessica M.
Trip to Saint Joe's 19 of 25
"At a family Labor Day BBQ I was sitting next to my mother. I travel all the time and so I told her that I had planned my next trip for right around her birthday the following year. She asked me where would I be going, and I replied, 'To St. Joseph Hospital's birthing center.' It took her a minute, and then she asked, 'You're pregnant?' Everyone heard her say this so there was a lot of exclamations and joy."

Fairy Godmother 20 of 25
"I asked my best friend, 'Do you have any wings in that closet of yours, because this little one is gonna need a fairy godmother and I know you'll be a good one!'"
The Lucky Penny 21 of 25
"My son's name is Nickolas. My parents have always called him Nickol, and for years they have been asking for a 'Penny.' I invited them to dinner recently and presented them each with a small gift—a shiny new penny. They immediately knew and were so surprised and excited. I do have to say I feel sorry for this child if it's a boy!"

Windshield Mystery 22 of 25
"I took a picture of my pregnancy test and made a note of '4 weeks along, 36 more to go' and placed it on all the car windows of my in-laws. Of course everyone was pointing fingers and asking who was pregnant—it was hilarious! I denied it up until I was ousted by my mother-in-law, but it was a great surprise nonetheless."

Amy L.
Pregnant with Puppies 23 of 25
"It was at Thanksgiving dinner and my sister was talking about when her dog's puppies were going to be born. I looked over at my husband and he nodded his head in agreement. So I spoke up and was like, 'Well mine is going to be due in July!' My sister was like, 'Your puppies?' I said, 'No, goof! My baby! We're pregnant!' My mom was in shock, my sister cried, and when my dad walked in my husband was like, 'Oh hey grandpa!' Everyone was elated!!!!"

Our Next Adventure 24 of 25
"I had just returned from a yearlong deployment with the Army, so I put together a video of all of the pictures I took while I was stationed in Africa. At the end were pictures from my welcome home ceremony, so everyone knew it was the end of the video. Then the words 'Ready for our next adventure...' appeared as the music faded into the sound of a heartbeat, and then the sonogram photos came up to the sound of the beats. It took everyone a minute to get it, but when they saw 'Coming in July 2011' they finally caught on. We used this to announce to numerous groups of family and friends and got all of their reactions on video to save for ourselves. It was really fun to re-watch their reactions!

Keep Reading 25 of 25
"When my husband and I felt it was time to tell our families I wrote a cute little poem about my belly growing, becoming a family, and sharing the news with family and friends. It was obvious within the first two lines that I was pregnant, but it was a lot of fun watching my family read it, stop, cheer, cry and scream, and then have to finish it."

Becca P.
Article Posted 3 years Ago

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