Top Morning Sickness Remedies

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    1: Eat small meals

    Eat small mealsEating small meals throughout the day — not skipping meals — is key to keeping your morning sickness to a minimum. Stick to simple foods such as chicken soup and fruit that are easy to digest and drink plenty of water in between meals to prevent dehydration and to make sure your stomach stays full. If you vomit daily or start to lose weight, be sure to talk to your healthcare provider.

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    2: Try aromatherapy

    Try aromatherapyMany products can help minimize nausea including this Happy Mama Spray. The scent of citrus or mint can be great at curbing morning sickness as well as taming your overactive sense of smell.

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    3: Consume ginger

    Consume gingerSince a lot of over-the-counter nausea medications are unsafe to take while pregnant, you should stick with Mother Nature. Try everything from ginger tea to ginger snaps and ginger ale to ease your morning sickness. Ginger has been used throughout history to help calm nausea and morning sickness, and it works wonders!

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    4: Avoid warm places

    Avoid warm placesBeing in warm places and feeling hot can worsen feelings of nausea. Stick to cool places, use air conditioning in the summer and take a brisk step outdoors in the winter to help keep the nausea at bay.

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    5: Go to bed

    Go to bedSleep cures everything. In general, the more rest you get, the better you’re going to feel. Plus, you can’t think about how nauseous you are when you’re running with sheep in those strange pregnancy dreams.

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    6: Wear a Sea-Band

    Wear a Sea-BandThe symptoms of morning sickness can be extremely similar to those of seasickness. The Sea-Band uses acupressure to hit pressure points in your wrist that affect feelings of nausea and dizziness. Just consider it morning sickness accessorizing!

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    7: Try prenatal vitamin alternatives

    Try prenatal vitamin alternativesSome women feel their prenatal vitamins make morning sickness much worse. If this is the case, talk to your healthcare provider about alternatives to the traditional types of prenatal vitamins for the first trimester. You can also change the time of day you take your vitamins. Some women are able to get them down and keep them down before bedtime rather than first thing in the morning.

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    8: Find out your family history

    Find out your family historyMorning sickness doesn’t fall far from the tree. Medical studies have shown that if the women in your family had severe morning sickness, you will too. This goes for your maternal and paternal relatives, so start asking around and try what worked for them.

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    9: Consider medication

    Consider medicationAbout 60,000 women per year are hospitalized for a severe form of morning sickness called Hyperemesis gravidarum. The symptoms are so bad, some women even consider terminating their pregnancies. In these cases, prescription medications may be the best option. Talk to your medical care provider if you are experiencing significant weight loss, extreme vomiting and debilitating dehydration.

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    10: Smoke pot?

    Smoke pot?
    Hey, don’t knock it till you try it, right? While we would never encourage you to do something illegal, women across the world toke up to help relieve their morning sickness.

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