Most Popular Baby Names of 2012

Top Baby Names of 2012One of the first things we do when we find out we’re pregnant, and one of the first big decisions for our children is giving them a name. For some it comes easy, while others find themselves arguing about the perfect name for their child even days after birth. It’s a big decision and one that I don’t take lightly.

I have been playing with names in my head for a long time now and while we wait to get pregnant we’re already narrowing down the list of boy and girl names. It’s my preference to stay off any popular baby list when it comes to our kids names and so far, we’re not on there.

Baby Center just released their top 100 baby boy and girl names of 2012 compiled from data shared by their readers. The list, for the most part, doesn’t surprise me, but there are a few on there I am surprised to see.

Click through to read the top 10 boy and girl names of 2012:

  • #10: Jack / Madison 1 of 10
    #10: Jack / Madison
    Jack is a pretty popular name and has been for some time. It made the list at #6 last year. Madison was sitting at number 8 last year so it's moved down just a bit.
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  • #9: Jayden / Mia 2 of 10
    #9: Jayden / Mia
    Jayden, which means "thankful" was on the list last year at #13 and broke to the top 10 this year. Mia, which means "mine" was at #12 in 2011.
    Photo credit: Matt Cunningham Photography/Flickr
  • #8: Jacob / Chloe 3 of 10
    #8: Jacob / Chloe
    Jacob is a popular name and has stayed steady in the top 10 list for years. Chloe sat at #9 on the 2011 list.
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  • #7: Lucas / Zoe 4 of 10
    #7: Lucas / Zoe
    Lucas, which is a Latin name, has been at number #10 for the past years, rising slightly. Zoe, which is of Greek origin, was at #18 in popularity last year.
    Photo credit: matsuyuki/Flickr
  • #6: Noah / Lily 5 of 10
    #6: Noah / Lily
    Noah, which means "comfort" has been in the steady top 3 for the past few years. Lily, which got the meaning from the flower, jumped from #10 in popularity last year.
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  • #5: Mason / Ava 6 of 10
    #5: Mason / Ava
    Mason was ranked #1 in popularity in 2011 and Ava sat at #5.
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  • #4: Liam / Isabella 7 of 10
    #4: Liam / Isabella
    Liam, a traditional Irish name, was #2 in popularity last year. Isabella, a Hebrew name, was #4 in popularity in 2011.
    Photo credit: matsuyuki/Flickr
  • #3: Ethan / Olivia 8 of 10
    #3: Ethan / Olivia
    Ethan, which means "strong", rose one point from popularity sitting at #4 last year. Olivia was ranked #2 in popularity last year.
    Photo credit: matsuyuki/Flickr
  • #2: Jackson /Emma 9 of 10
    #2: Jackson /Emma
    Jackson has been raising steadily for a few years making it to the #7 spot in popularity in 2011. Emma, which means "universal" sat at #1 in popularity last year.
    Photo credit: QuinnDombrowski/Flickr
  • #1: Aiden / Sophia 10 of 10
    #1: Aiden / Sophia
    Aiden, which is an Irish name that means "fiery", was ranked #6 in BabyCenter popularity last year. Sophia, which is a Greek name that means "wisdom" was rated #3 in popularity in 2011.
    Photo credit: IngaMun/Flickr

To read the full list of 100 boys and girls names, head over to BabyCenter

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