Most "White" Baby Names and Most "Black" Baby Names?

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Image source: Thinkstock

BellyItch posted about an article Slate.com had written about the whitest and the blackest baby names and asked if we thought the list was based on stereotypes. The mother of bi-racial children, you can be sure I decided to do a little investigating for myself.

I headed over to Slate and started searching, prepared to be all outraged. What I found was actually a really interesting article from 2005 that broke down using Californian birth certificates, socioeconomic information and outlined a many year study.

While the top names of black boys, white boys, black girls and white girls are given, there’s also a list of the most common crossover names likely to be found among multiple population groups. Interesting to note that from a personal perspective, none of my kids names are on any of the race-specific lists, but two of the four appear on the most popular crossover lists.

Most Popular Girl Crossover Names

1. Andrea
2. Whitney
3. Alicia
4. Kendra
5. Alexandria
6. Natasha
7. Tiffany
8. Brittany
9. Amber
10. Talia
11. Erika
12. Brianna
13. Ariel
14. Gabrielle
15. Veronica
16. Alana
17. Kyra
18. Ashley
19. Breanna
20. Erica

Most Popular Boy Crossover Names

1. Vincent
2. George
3. Troy
4. Christian
5. Martin
6. Corey
7. Brandon
8. Eric
9. Craig
10. Frank
11. Cameron
12. Shawn
13. Micah
14. Gregory
15. Nathaniel
16. Marc
17. Aaron
18. Dominic
19. Theodore
20. Isaac

I don’t buy the whole “your name impacts your level of success” thing one hundred percent – there are a lot of other factors that come into play. But on the other hand – a name feels like a huge responsibility, doesn’t it? Do you worry naming your baby a strongly ethnic, cultural or unusual name? Do you feel it’s a greater hindrance for boys  than girls to have a highly unusual name?

Will these Smart Baby Names get your kid into Harvard?

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