Mother Raped While Breastfeeding

Just when you think you have heard all the horrible stories around the world detailing violations of women, and mothers… something so despicable comes out that makes you wonder what the hell is going on in this world?

I had to do a double take when I came across this story this morning.  A mother in the UK was sexually assaulted while breastfeeding her baby in her own home!

The mother, who has not been identified by name described what happened to her by a man named Royden Jones, 34 of Rutland Close, Cambridge.

The news story detailed:

Cambridge Crown Court heard on the day in question the woman was looking after her baby girl when Jones rang to say he was coming round and proceeded to do so despite her protestations.

Jones started pestering her for sex, jurors were told, but at this point the baby started crying and he went out to settle her.

On Jones’ return he began to push himself onto the mother, Miss Rafferty said, but this was again interrupted by the baby’s cries, and Jones told her to feed the baby and bring it into the room.

Miss Rafferty said the woman hoped the baby’s presence would “stop the situation developing, which was her being pressured for sex”, and she began breastfeeding.

However this did not stop the advances and jurors were told Jones rolled on top of the woman and held her down.

Miss Rafferty said: “Mr Jones started again to force her into having sex with him while she was breastfeeding.”

The man charged with the crime insisted that the sex was consensual, but one has to wonder how a man can take a woman breastfeeding her baby as an advance, or a green light to have his way with her. My heart breaks for the mother, and the baby in this situation.

photo: flickr.com/sdminor81

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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