20 Beautiful Tattoos Inspired by Motherhood, Pregnancy, and Loss

I have a huge connection to tattoos. The whole concept of having a part of your life always with you is something I find very powerful. As a mom of multiple miscarriages, the feeling of representing those children I never got to see grow up as art on my body has helped heal me in so many ways. It helps me feel that they are still close and it opens up a lot of conversations with people who ask what they mean — which is a good thing.

I have a few tattoos in several places — some for motherhood, some for loss, some for other relationships in my life — and they all have very significant meanings for me. I love hearing about why others decided to get tattooed — they often have some amazing stories behind them, too.

Click through to see 20 reader-submitted tattoos that represent their motherhood:

  • Sarah 1 of 20
    "The angel wing wrapped around the tiger is a reflection of how my angel babies will forever be a part of me. The quote "Softly you tiptoed, a moment you stayed..." is a reminder that they were with me even though ever so gently. And the cherry blossom is a symbol for hope, the fallen petals are tears for the hopes not fulfilled."
    Tattoo Submitted by: Sarah
  • mybottlesup 2 of 20
    "After Jackson was born, I had his name and birthdate tattooed to my right wrist. I have a thing for putting important names on my wrist... something about it being on my pulse that seems to resonate with me."
    Tattoo Submitted by: mybottlesup
  • Amy 3 of 20
    "I was 20 weeks along when my water completely ruptured. My son was born and fighting with every breath. He lived for 2 hours. I was pregnant again within a couple of months. But sadly, at 16 weeks, my water ruptured fully. A week later, I had my daughter. My children will always be walking with me, so their footprints are now tattooed on my left foot."
    Tattoo Submitted by: Amy
  • Jessica 4 of 20
    "I got this done when D was 9 months old. It's not finished. I will be getting his name and birth date wrapped alongside his foot. When I have my second baby, I will be getting baby #2's hand print beside D's footprint as well."
    Tattoo Submitted by: Jessica
  • Mary 5 of 20
    "For my sweet little girl, Addie, full term stillbirth."
    Tattoo Submitted by: Mary
  • Kristin 6 of 20
    "This dragon reminds me of the dragons from Anne McCaffrey's books and I had her done in gold just like the female dragons in the books. I had the stars added about 5 years ago and each star represents one of my losses. Since I only know the sex of one of the babies I lost, I told the tattoo artist I wanted one pink star and to pick whatever colors he liked for the rest of them."
    Tattoo Submitted by: Kristin
  • Samantha 7 of 20
    "Allison Paige, came into this world on April 22, 2011 at 37 weeks and 1 day. She died as a result of a cord accident. We designed this image in honor of her. Daddy has it tattooed on his upper right arm and mommy has it on her lower back. It's a modified Aleph (the letter "A" in the Hebrew alphabet) with a heart on one side, and a curly cat tail on the other. She was to be our "Allie Cat".
    Tattoo Submitted by: Samantha
  • My Motherhood Tattoo 8 of 20
    "This tattoo is my biggest one and favourite. The top can be translated into "Daughter; Sister; Mother." Each hibiscus flower represents my children. I have 9 cherry blossoms for each miscarriage with the falling petals."
    Tattoo Submitted by: Devan
  • Rebecca 9 of 20
    "We lost our son, Ethan at the age of 2 in March 2009. It was very unexpected and sudden. He had a birth defect that we were not aware of. After he died, dragonflies kept appearing. When I googled the significance of dragonflies, I learned that "dragonflies know their life is short so they live it to the fullest." In May 2010, we learned at 17.5 weeks during a routine ultrasound that our 3rd child had no heartbeat. We named him Mason. The meaning behind the cherry blossom is that though we have periods of grief, beauty comes again. The particular butterfly that I picked appeared in Grant's butterfly garden during a particularly rough, rough day for me after we lost Mason."
    Tattoo Submitted by: Rebecca
  • Kelly 10 of 20
    "In honor of my daughter who I lost at 16 weeks. It's probably a more subtle memorial, the middle is a forget-me-not flower and the outside is a turtle. The turtle is for strength."
    Tattoo Submitted by: Kelly
  • Diana 11 of 20
    "It's a salmon. I had thought of this image for him in early pregnancy when the ultrasound tech said he was "swimming" - and you could say he swam against the current, being totally inverted (thus breech) in the womb by about six months. When he died and was stillborn, I did some more research on salmon, and got goosebumps when I read "The Salmon's aim is to be reunited with All That Is. The Salmon helps us in developing the wisdom needed to find the meaning and purpose of our lives." And like a salmon, Sebastian's life ended in the same place it began."
    Tattoo Submitted by: Diana
  • Sunday 12 of 20
    "I will always and forever be linked with both Samuel & Noah. Truly I cannot see a day when I will not be standing between the two of them, holding their hands, and leading them through the years to come."
    Tattoo Submitted by: Sunday
  • Angie 13 of 20
    "Lost my baby girl at 35 weeks."
    Tattoo Submitted by: Angie
  • My Second Tattoo 14 of 20
    "The phrase "Come What May" helps me realize the strength I have and what I have overcome. A continuation of the cherry blossoms (the others are on my back) and falling petals."
    Tattoo Submitted by: Devan
  • Megan 15 of 20
    "My daughter Bailey who passed away after 20 days of life."
    Tattoo Submitted by: Megan
  • Ruth 16 of 20
    "It means I will always remember, that others can see my angel on my shoulder, and when they ask I can share his story and spread heart defect awareness. It means the world to me."
    Tattoo Submitted by: Ruth
  • Carey 17 of 20
    "My tattoo is simply the names of my triplet boys, born and died June 4th, 2011. I got it on their due date and it has helped in my grief journey. It's a physical presence that I was craving but didn't have. The permanence is comforting in light of their far too fleeting lives on earth."
    Tattoo Submitted by: Carey
  • Jess 18 of 20
    "On my right inner forearm I have a tattoo of Max from Where the Wild Things Are for my son, Nolan Daniel. Growing up it was my favourite book and since Nolan was born its a book I read to him often. He is my wild thing."
    Tattoo Submitted by: Jess
  • Erin 19 of 20
    "They are cherry blossoms (because I think they're beautiful). There are 3 butterflies (we consider this our symbol for our children) for the kids. While we have 2 boys and a girl, he made them all blue for contrast. At the bottom there is a fallen leaf. This symbolizes the ones that got away (losses). I have since had it touched up connecting some of the lines better, but it would only be noticeable to us."
    Tattoo Submitted by: Erin
  • My Angel Tattoo 20 of 20
    "On my left wrist, I have a representation of angel wings for my 9 miscarriages and 1 stillbirth. Under those are my three children's names in script."
    Tattoo Submitted by: Devan

Do you have any tattoos representing pregnancy or motherhood?


Article Posted 7 years Ago

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