Moving On

hope, infertilityFor the sixteenth time since we’ve been trying for this baby, my period has arrived.

Sixteen times, my hopes have been deflated.

As much as I have prepared myself for beginning our infertility treatment with this new cycle, there was a part of me that was still hoping we’d get pregnant on our own before we began with the drugs.

We have, after all, gotten pregnant three times on our own and never with the help of infertility treatments, so it didn’t feel out of the realm of possibility that we could do it just one more time.

It would have been wonderful to be one of those anecdotal couples who got pregnant the cycle before they began treatment.

But, since that’s not the hand that we’ve been dealt,┬áhere we go.

Tomorrow, I will go into the infertility clinic for my baseline ultrasound. They will prescribe the Clomid that I will begin taking in a few days.

And then we wait and monitor my ovulation with an ovulation kit. When we get the positive, we’ll go in for an IUI.

Then we’ll wait. Again.

And hope.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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