Moving While Pregnant

Today, I am 28 weeks pregnant. Tomorrow, we close on our first house. Yes, that means that I am moving during my third trimester.

Trust me – I didn’t want it to happen like this, but we basically had no other choice. It was third trimester or post-baby, and a post-baby move sounds even worst. So, my stomach is giant, my bones are aching, and I have to pack an entire house (with help from my husband, of course). Oh, joy.

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I’ve been scouring the Internet and surveying other mommas who moved while pregnant. Here’s the best advice that I’ve heard so far (and if I survive this move, I’ll be sure to share any other tips I pick up along the way):

  • If possible, move during your second trimester. You may be sick and puking during the first trimester, and you’ll be big and uncomfortable in the third.
  • Pack over time. Don’t wait to start packing. Pack a few boxes every night for several weeks instead of trying to get it all done in a weekend.
  • Get someone else to do the heavy lifting. While the exact recommendation varies, doctors generally say that pregnant women shouldn’t lift more than 25 – 35 pounds. That’s because pregnancy hormones cause your ligaments to soften and you can easily throw out your back. If you do lift, be sure to lift from your knees, lift slowly, and avoid twisting movements.
  • Paint prior to moving. If you are painting your new home, get someone else to paint prior to moving in so the fumes have time to dissipate.  Be sure to use low- or zero-VOC paint products.
  • Clean carefully. If you’re cleaning anything in your old or new home with heavy chemicals (like oven cleaners), be sure to wear a mask and clean in a well-ventilated room or outside. Or, better yet, have someone else do it.
  • Speaking of cleaning… In my pre-pregnancy days, I was famous for moving into the new place and cleaning the old place in one day. Not going to happen now! We’re breaking up moving and cleaning into two days. If we couldn’t break it up, we probably would’ve hired a maid to come out and clean our old apartment.
  • Stay hydrated and fueled. Most importantly, remember how important it is to eat and drink as you normally would during your move. Water, water, water!

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