11 Best Musical Names

Looking for a lilting name for your little virtuoso? Musically-inclined moms and dads are sure to find a mini-masterpiece in this tuneful collection.

Aria 1 of 11
An Italian word meaning "air" or "melody," Aria is also the Hebrew word for "lioness." As a musical term, the word refers to a song in an opera meant for a single voice. This exotic-sounding name, also spelled Arya, has increased in popularity in recent years, thanks to characters in both the Game of Thrones and Pretty Little Liars TV series. While mostly given to girls, Aria is also a traditional Indian and Persian boy's name.
Cadence 2 of 11
Cadence means "rhythm, beat, or flow" in Latin, and is a newly popular girl's name that sounds a bit like the trendy boy's moniker, Caden. Spelling variations abound, and include Cadense, Kadence, and Kaydence.
Calypso 3 of 11
Though Calypso can be a boy's name, it's extra cool and mysterious for girls. A genre of West Indian music that developed out of enslaved Africans' communication through song, its sound incorporates French, Italian, and Spanish musical styles. Calypso is a bold, beautiful and inherently worldly choice, alternate spellings include Kalypso, Callypso, and Calipso.
Celeste 4 of 11
A celeste, or celesta, is a musical instrument resembling an upright piano; it was given its name in tribute to its light and "heavenly" sound. The name of the queen elephant in the famous French Babar children's book series, Celeste is a graceful, feminine name that shortens into super-sweet Cece.
Harmony 5 of 11
Harmony does double-duty as a musical term, and a widely-used word for "unity," connoting a peaceful co-existence. A bit of a hippie-era throwback, this unisex name is now in fashion once again for baby boys and girls alike.
Lyric 6 of 11
Ideal for musical moms and dads looking beyond Harmony and Melody, Lyric is an unusual unisex moniker. It means "lyre" in Latin, and is the English term for a song's words. Lyrik is an alternate, more masculine spelling option.
March 7 of 11
As both month and music names re-emerge as current trends, this unisex name's punchy sound promises its rise in the popular-name ranks. As a girl's name, March — also the word for a piece of music with a regular, predominant beat — sounds especially pretty when paired up: Lily March, Ruby March —the options are endless.
Melody 8 of 11
Popular In the 1940s and again in the 1960s, Melody is back with a bang; the name jumped 50 spaces to #225 for most popular girl's names in 2011. Meaning "music" or "song" in Greek, this sweet-sounding name is now variously spelled Melodi, Melodey, and Melodie (and more). Mel is its cute go-to nickname.
Raga 9 of 11
Raga is a lovely, unusual name, and a Sanskrit musical term meaning "melody." Though prone to unfortunate mispronunciations in the West—both A's should be soft—the name can be spelled Raaga to avoid "Rag"-related blunders.
Reed 10 of 11
A unisex nature and musical name, Reed — also spelled Reid — is distinctive without sounding dainty. A popular surname in families of English and Irish descent, choosing Reed as a first name is a current way to keep a classic in the family.
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The Latin word for "violet," and a stringed, orchestral instrument, this name makes a notable appearance in Shakespeare's play, Twelfth Night (although its pronunciation in that context stresses the first syllable, a long "I"). While fairly popular today, Viola sounds refined, and a little exotic, and can be shortened to Vi, or simply V.
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