9 Must-Know Tips for Dads in the Delivery Room

We spend a lot of time during our pregnancies planning on what to get for the baby, how we will share the news, getting excited for the ultrasounds, and thinking of the baby’s name. Moms-to-be spend time talking to their friends about what to expect, reading, attending birth class and preparing as much as they can.

It’s mostly all centered around what the mom should expect, and our partners can feel a bit left out. It’s totally important for him to learn and ask any questions about what his partner should expect during labor and delivery, but there are some things he should know too.

It may be the first time he will see his partner in a lot of pain, and he may not know how she reacts to pain, exactly how to help her during or after — it can be a weird first-time experience. I’m sharing some tips today for what Daddy should expect in the delivery room — some practical tips for him and tips to keep mama happy, too.

Click through to read my 9 pieces of must-know advice for dads:

  • Help Us Stay Calm by Staying Calm 1 of 9
    Help Us Stay Calm by Staying Calm
    If you freak out, we will freak out. Do your best to keep your cool and not over-stress yourself or us. Read up on what to expect well beforehand and pay attention in birth prep class.
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  • Pack Your Own Snacks 2 of 9
    Pack Your Own Snacks
    You may be there for a while. You may not want to miss anything, but you will likely get hungry. Put together your own hospital bag with your stuff, including a change of clothes, reading material and food.
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  • Do Not Fall Asleep! 3 of 9
    Do Not Fall Asleep!
    Unless we're asleep, you shouldn't be. It may be long, but your support goes beyond just being in the room.
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  • Support Us 4 of 9
    Support Us
    Help your partner walk the hallway, rub her lower back, hold her hand and tell her she's doing great. Your support can do a lot.
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  • Don’t Laugh or Judge 5 of 9
    Don't Laugh or Judge
    Mama may make some weird noises, she may cry or scream -- she can't help it! Don't judge or laugh at anything that happens (unless she's laughing first).
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  • Get Great at Advocating 6 of 9
    Get Great at Advocating
    When mama is right in labor, she may not be able to advocate for herself as well. Be there for her, understand the birth wishes and ask the right questions.
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  • Don’t Take What We Say Personally 7 of 9
    Don't Take What We Say Personally
    If she yells at you that this was your fault, or that this is the worst day ever or that she doesn't want you there -- don't take it personally. Labor makes a lady say things she may not really mean -- it's the pain!
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  • Learn the Art of Massage 8 of 9
    Learn the Art of Massage
    Your wife will love you times a million if you do. Rub her back, her feet, her neck and put pressure in the right places.
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  • That Stuff… Never Happened 9 of 9
    That Stuff... Never Happened
    The weird grunting, all that water from the amniotic sac getting all over her, perhaps pooping during delivery -- that stuff never happened. Never.
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