Must-Take Photos on Baby's First Day

The day you give birth is overwhelming, to say the least.

You are meeting your beloved child for the first time ever.

Also, you may have to undergo procedures you weren’t planning on or you may have to deal with situations you aren’t prepared for.

Many things can get overlooked when your attention is on the basic, important issues like baby’s safe arrival.  Things that, in retrospect, are actually really important.

Photographs.  You only get one chance to take photos of the birth of your child.

Often, the day of baby’s birth can pass in a blur of activity.  For many moms, looking back at photos helps them recall certain events they may not have noted the first time around.  That’s why you’ll want to prepare yourself and your spouse with even just a mental list of what photos you want to take on baby’s first day of life. You can’t get that day back, you can’t get the photo-ops back.  Sure you can hire a photographer whose sole job it is to focus on getting the right photos, and these days more people are turning to professionals.  But,  if like me, you want to keep it personal and take your own photos you’ll want to head to the birth of your child with a mental (and maybe even a physical) list of what photo ops you don’t want to miss.

Here then, are a bunch of photos you’ll want to take on baby’s first day.

Looking back, there are several photo ops I missed with each kid (**I noted those after the slideshow) so I had to show you examples of photos from both of my babies’ births and even then I still missed a few. But if you note these photo opportunities in your mind, or even write that list I mentioned before you hand your camera off to husband or a friend who has promised to snap away, you’ll be more likely to catch those special moments on camera so you can remember them forever.

  • Baby’s First Photo 1 of 17
    Baby's First Photo
    When baby comes out I'd advise the photographer (in my case my husband) to just snap away. You're sure to catch one classic first photo.
  • Baby’s First Cry 2 of 17
    Baby's First Cry
    This is my Henry's first cry after he was born.
  • Baby Gets Weighed 3 of 17
    Baby Gets Weighed
    You'll want a photo of the scale showing your baby's birth weight.
  • Dad Holds Baby For The First Time 4 of 17
    Dad Holds Baby For The First Time
    Now it's mom's turn to snap away as dad holds his baby for the very first time.
  • Mom Holds Cleaned Up Baby For The First Time 5 of 17
    Mom Holds Cleaned Up Baby For The First Time
    You'll have that first photo of mom holding baby right when he was born, but you'll also want a photo of mom holding a calmed down, cleaned up baby.
  • First Family Photo 6 of 17
    First Family Photo
    This is the photo we struggled most with as we didn't invite family members to be present for the birth. It was just us and I was embarrassed to ask the nurse keep snapping until I was pleased with the photo. Now, I wish I would've had her take more as it isn't exactly the best photo of me.
  • Baby’s First 7 of 17
    Baby's First
    You'll want to snap a close-up of baby's face. You know, the first official portrait.
  • Baby with Doctor 8 of 17
    Baby with Doctor
    If you love your doctor, like I do, you'll want to commemorate the birth with a photo of baby and the doctor who brought him/her into the world.
  • Baby In Hospital Bassinet 9 of 17
    Baby In Hospital Bassinet
    Snap a photo of baby lying in his first hospital bassinet and make sure you get the name label attached to the bed.
  • Grasping Fingers 10 of 17
    Grasping Fingers
    Newborn babies immediately start grasping fingers. It's always sweet to see that tiny hand clutching tightly to dad or mom's seemingly giant finger.
  • Baby Meets Big Brother or Sister 11 of 17
    Baby Meets Big Brother or Sister
    I wish I had done a better job taking these photos. Violet was so weirded out about Henry that I was more concerned with comforting her than photographing this momentous occasion, so I didn't get any of just Violet and Henry. Also, if this isn't your first baby you'll also want to make sure you use this sibling meeting time to snap your first new family photo, like I did here. Again, I wish I'd planned better and had someone present to take this photo or at least asked a nurse to do it for us.
  • Meet The Grandparents 12 of 17
    Meet The Grandparents
    Whether your parents are married or divorced you'll want to make sure you capture that special moment when each grandparent meets baby.
  • First Bath 13 of 17
    First Bath
    Baby is usually given a bath on his first night in the hospital. You can walk down with baby to watch the nurse bathe him, just make sure to bring your camera.
  • First Footprints 14 of 17
    First Footprints
    Often, the nurse will do this right after bathing baby. It's also cute to take a photo of baby's ink-stained feet which, unfortunately, I did not do.
  • First Deep Sleep 15 of 17
    First Deep Sleep
    Snap a photo of baby deep in sleep. You'll want to remember that sweet face the next time you're up all night with a crying baby.
  • More Mom & Baby 16 of 17
    More Mom & Baby
    You'll want to snap a photo of mom with baby after she's had a few hours of rest and has been able to freshen up.
  • First Outfit 17 of 17
    First Outfit
    Don't forget to dress baby up in those cute outfits you brought and snap a couple photos!


Note!  The photo ops I missed include getting a close-up of either of my baby’s hospital ID tags.  I never got a photo of the bottoms of my babies’ feet and I never took a photo of those first funny faces newborn babies can sometimes make.  Do you have any ideas on other photos I may have missed?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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