My 23 Week Pregnancy Bumpdate

pregnancyThis pregnancy has been so different from my last ones. It’s strange – although I know each can be different, with my older three it was all relatively similar. This time it all feels weird and new.

It took a lot longer to start to show, I had a baby who (was!) slow growing, I have a lot more nausea this time around, fitting into regular clothes, not gaining weight, and carrying differently. It’s been interesting for me and to be honest, a lot more worry later in the game for this baby.

I had a lot of testing done earlier in the week to check up on some potential issues that showed up at the 20-week anatomy scan. We went to a larger hospital in the area to get a closer look at how baby is doing and met with a genetics counselor and high-risk OB. A lot of our worries went away at these appointments and many of the concerns have been back-shelved for now — which is amazing! Baby was smaller than expected since the first ultrasound at 7 weeks, but now he is all caught up and measuring one day ahead! He took a while to get his growth spurt, but he’s wonderfully on track now! We still have to keep an eye on things and will have a few more extra tests, but he’s healthy, happy, and things are going very well.

Week of pregnancy: 23 weeks

Weight gain: Minus 16 pounds

Symptoms: Heartburn, nausea + vomiting, achy hips

Showing yet?: Yes & it seems overnight!

The best thing: Letting go of mom-guilt and finally feeling excited and hopeful.

The most difficult thing: Eating and keeping food down.

Feeling baby move?: Yes — he moves all.the.time and it’s wonderful

Maternity clothes?: I am still easily fitting into non-maternity pants, jeans + dresses, but maternity tops are a must.

Appointments coming up: I have the fun glucose test coming up, a regular prenatal check up, another echocardiogram for baby + growth ultrasound.

Looking forward to: Finally feeling excited about this instead of scared.

Boy or girl?: He’s a boy! Confirmed by 4 different ultrasounds & technicians.

Purchases?: Nothing new over the past few weeks. Hoping to start buying needed items for baby soon.

:: What’s new and exciting this month in your pregnancy? ::

Photo credit: @Devan McGuinness | AccustomedChaos


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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