My 38-Week 'To Do' List

My laundry list ... with an emphasis on laundry.

Holy moly. How did I get to be 38 weeks pregnant so fast?

I know a lot of women feel like pregnancy lasts forever, but this one has gone by so quickly, sometimes I wish I wasn’t due until February. That is, if I wasn’t so tired of experiences like these, and living from Zantac to Zantac, and dying to meet my baby girl.

But between a house move in the third trimester (and another before the year is over), house-finding and buying shenanigans, and home-remodeling plans and execution–not to mention freelance work and regular motherly duties–I haven’t taken the time to adequately prepare for baby number two. There don’t seem to be enough hours in the day.

This morning I wrote down exactly what I need to accomplish over the next couple days, just in case this baby decides to come a little early. Here’s my laundry list. Anything else you would add?

  • Wash newborn clothes
  • Wash linens from Moses basket
  • Schedule hospital tour
  • Submit hospital pre-registration form
  • Choose hospital take-home outfit for baby
  • Wash infant carseat
  • Call pediatrician to see if he visits my hospital, or if we’ll need the hospital’s pediatrician
  • Pack hospital bag
  • Clear memory cards on cameras
  • Find gift for toddler from his new baby sister to butter him up
  • Find baby book
  • Buy hangers and storage for baby clothes (we don’t have a nursery quite yet so she’ll be shacking up with me)
  • Pull out toddler’s old newborn onesies and baby essentials, then launder
  • Show mom how to get to hospital
Article Posted 5 years Ago

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