My 5 Favorite Ways to Relax

I could so go for one of these right now.

Whether you are pregnant with your first child or your fifth child… Whether you are a work at home mom or a stay at home mom… Or somewhere in between, getting yourself to relax throughout your pregnancy is difficult to do.

OK, maybe not for all of you, but for me, it’s really difficult to do. I have a three year old to take care of, a household to manage, I work from my home, and I’ve got this little dude/dudette growing in my body.

Life is stressful, period. The world is a stressful place to exist in right now.

So, to combat the stresses of the world, here are my 5 favorite ways to relax, especially while I am pregnant and really needing my “me time.”

  • Cruisin’ 1 of 6
    Beach cruisers are our favorite family adventure, esp here in Florida. A little bit of exercise can go along way for my relaxation.
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  • Looooong showers 2 of 6
    Looooong showers
    As much as I love a good bath, there is something about warm running water that melts my tension away.
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  • Writing 3 of 6
    Whether it's at my laptop, in a journal, or even on a tiny cocktail napkin, writing out my thoughts has never failed me when it comes to decreasing my stress.
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  • Prenatal Yoga 4 of 6
    Prenatal Yoga
    I have just recently enrolled myself in a local prenatal yoga class, and I am so excited to learn all sorts of new techniques to help keep myself calm throughout this pregnancy.
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  • Music 5 of 6
    Listening to music is one of my absolute favorite ways to unwind, and since I am not one to make a playlist (or 10) for myself, Pandora is my go-to.
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  • Pedicures 6 of 6
    I am that person who gets a manicure and chips it as soon as I turn the ignition in my car. Pedicures, however, are my best friend. The relaxing foot massage, warm water, and soothing scents make me super happy when I am bloated with child.
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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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