My $8 DIY Weekend [Part 1] | Nursery Wall Art, Stencils & Application

DIY projects. Fun for crafty peeps anytime – especially productive I’ve found during the end of last trimester.

ME. Oh hells yes, that’s me. Personally speaking anyways. The mister may disagree.

Otherwise known as the mad dash. Nesting frenzy. Don’t mess with me I am on a mission and it will get done even if it’s 2am in the morning. Yes the floors need to be mopped everyday, the fridge, freezer and pantry fully stocked. And the 30 other things on my list that are all of a sudden, with the determination and energy seemingly powered by a wonder woman (if not slightly crazed), getting things done at lightening speed.

Last week, I shared wall art pieces that you’ll covet – guaranteed. Check them out for some artful bliss, or, highly rewarding shopping/inspration for your own nursery in the making. Today I’d like to share a cheap and easy way to decorate your baby/kid(s) bedroom walls. Follow me after the jump for step by step instructions on how to make your own wall art, or check out what I did!

Children, from young babes, to toddlers and even big kids LOVE personalized bedrooms. During the newborn phase, bright colours high in contrast simulate their little eyes, brains and all those neurons that must be going a mile a minute taking in this bright new world. Toddlers totally dig art too, turning your child’s room into an imaginative play place encourages their development on so many levels.

Yes, it takes a wee bit more time than buying ($$$) vinyl stencils. Also, the aesthetic is a little different, not so perfect – more unique. Ultimately, you can make it as detailed or as simple as you want. Getting stencils can be as easy as printing free ones off of the internet onto card-stock weight paper, you don’t have to draw your own.

Want something larger scale like the birch trees that I did? Email the stencil images you want to your local printer and have them print it off on card-stock (bristol board) in segments as large as they can. You can then tape them together like a puzzle when you are ready to start painting. If you are more artsy, then perhaps free-styling your own stencils isn’t a daunting thought. Google up kids wall art images for inspiration.

What You’ll Need:

1.  Bristol board or cardstock printer paper (depending on size and how you are making     your stencils as explained above).

2.  Pencil, eraser (or printer), painter’s tape, exacto knife, cardboard or cutting mat.

3. Sample paints (cheap!) in colours you desire and stencil brushes. Like these.

  • 1. Materials 1 of 14
    1. Materials
    Pencil, eraser (or printer), painter's tape, exacto knife, cardboard or cutting mat. Sample paints (cheap!) in colours you desire and stencil brushes.
  • 2. 2 of 14
    Sketch or print our your stencil on heavy (card-stock) or bristol board paper.
  • 03 3 of 14
    Create something simple or detailed...
  • 04 4 of 14
    The finished product will be beautiful, even if it's as simple as floating shapes, overlapping each-other in various sizes!
  • 05 5 of 14
    Get to cutting, on your brand new hardwood floors. Obviously, do your cutting on cardboard or a rubber cutting mat.
  • 06 6 of 14
    Tape that action up. *TIP* Place small tape balls underneath your stencil in smart places to avoid paint bleeding.
  • 07 7 of 14
    Whip out your stipppler (brush), and giv'er! This part takes no time at all and should not be feared. On something large scale like this, it will look good, even if there's a little bleeding here and there. Trees are especially easy because you don't have to worry about brush strokes, you want those!
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    Gently peel off your stencils. If doing large ones, you may have put them up in parts, so peel away the tape and take them down this way too. Et voila. Birch tree. Done.
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    Do one wall or 2, it's up to you. I just choose the one's with the largest expanse to fill.
  • 10 10 of 14
    If you are layering stencils (like I did, with the birch trees and then owls, sparrows and hearts), then wait for your paint to dry before applying a second round of stencils.
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    Then they will look all pretty like this.
  • 12 12 of 14
    & this.
  • 13 13 of 14
    Just a couple will do, especially if you plan on hanging other art, shelves or pictures up.
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    Ahhhh...sweet victory. Glory in your child's bright eyes as they take in their awesome new environment, or run around gleefully shouting out the colours and words of the shapes. Each morning since the art has been finished, our boy talks to the owls and birds on the wall, and reassures himself of the colours...tells the trees they are pretty. All heart-rendering, adorable stuff.

This project cost me under $10! If you decide to take something like this on, don’t hesitate to ask me any questions in the comments, I’ve helped a few less artsy friends do the same and the turn-out was lovely.

What about you, what DIY projects have you done for your nurseries/kid(s) rooms? I’d love to see them.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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