My 9 Favorite Products for Dry Skin During Pregnancy

My 9 Favorite Products for Dry Skin During PregnancyI live in El Paso Texas, where there is an average humidity of 41%. To put that in perspective, Las Vegas is 30%, while New Orleans averages 76%.

We’re pretty darn dry, and this definitely is a desert climate. Top that with an average rainfall of 9 inches per year (while Texas overall gets 32), and you get a pretty big shock to the skin when you move here. Suddenly investing in lotions seems like a great idea. (Maybe even buying stock in your favorite.)

During pregnancy, your skin undergoes all kinds of changes anyway. As you deal with first trimester breakouts, your stomach expanding and stretching, and the hormones kicking in full gear, it’s hard to keep up with what will work if your tried and true products seem to make things worse.

This being my second time pregnant here, I’ve gotten the chance to try out various skincare products to see what works long term and has a gentle effect on my skin. From body washes to belly oil to face soap, here are 9 of my very favorite. Some are organic and others are just too amazing to pass up.

  • Burt’s Bees Night Creme, Radiance, with Royal Jelly 1 of 9
    I've used this for years and it's my go to for both night and day. I put it on after washing my face before bed, and in the morning I use a light layer before makeup. I love how fast it works without leaving any greasy feel or residue.
    Purchase for $14.50 on Amazon.com
  • Burt’s Bees Almond Milk Hand Creme 2 of 9
    ADORE. Something about almond milk makes my hands instantly heal. I keep one in my car and one at home, but it works best at night before bed.
    Purchase for $10.27 on Amazon.com
  • CND SolarOil 3 of 9
    Cuticles tend to get overlooked, and mine often end up a mess. I use this SolarOil to give them a boost in moisture. It tends to get slippery so it's best used when you don't have anything to open or do for a few minutes.
    Purchase for $4.85 on Amazon.com
  • Dove Visible Care, Softening Creme Body Wash 4 of 9
    Last year I did a review on my blog for Dove, and I meant what I said. This stuff is freaking amazing on dry skin. I've been using it for about 6 months now and haven't tried anything else since.
    Purchase for $5.00 on Amazon.com
  • Kiss My Face Organic Clean for a Day Creamy Face Cleanser 5 of 9
    My face tends to be oily and dry in spots, but El Paso brought out the worst in it. Add pregnancy hormones and it's tough trying to find something that doesn't irritate the heck out of it. I'm highly sensitive to scents, but Kiss My Face is my go-to for year round cleanser.
    Purchase for $8.97 on Amazon.com
  • Sally Hansen Maximum Nail Growth 6 of 9
    I'm a nail biter but dry climates just make that worse. My nails crack and split easily here. I use Sally Hansen to help them be a bit stronger, but also to grow quicker than normal. It really works, I can put it and Burt's Bees Hand Creme on at night and wake up to nails that look (and feel!) completely different.
    Purchase for $4.18 on Amazon.com
  • Earth Mama Angel Baby Body Butter 7 of 9
    In pregnancy, and with dry skin, often lotions don't really cut it for an all over body treatment. This body butter is rich enough to really pack a moisture punch to your skin, leaving it smooth and gorgeous.
    Purchase for $12.59 on Amazon.com
  • ChapStick Lip Moisturizer 8 of 9
    Why mess with the best? Bella and I buy these in bulk, it's great for cold season and to keep all over. They're so cheap that if I lose them (which I do) or the dog decides to have a snack, I'm not left wishing I hadn't spent $8 on a chapstick.
    Purchase for $4.99 for 6 on Amazon.com
  • Erbaorganics Mommy-to-be Stretch Mark Oil 9 of 9
    When your belly starts to stretch and itch, this stretch mark oil is simply the best. I love how light it is, how easily it rubs in. I also love that it's all organic - my stomach seems to be the one place I tend to care about that. Even though it probably matters all over.
    Purchase for $13.69 on Amazon.com

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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