My Beauty Routinue: 9 Products My Make-Up Bag and I Can’t Be Without

So — you want to know how to not look like crap when you feel like it? I’ve got ya covered. Morning sickness? Dark circles? Dry skin? Oh yes, the joys of pregnancy. For those lucky enough to have no fun pregnancy syptoms, I envy you! But, for those who want to gain that glow, I may become your best friend after you browse my make-up bag. I used to be a major product junkie. I still kind of am but to be honest, I don’t hardly use any of it. However, there are a few products that help me look human – even on 4 hours of sleep. Yes, it is possible. 


After the jump, check out the 9 products that help that pregnancy glow. Browse through my make-up bag  and see what I do to make myself look normal! Even when I feel like a total pregnant blob. 

  • Sun Kissed 1 of 9
    Sun Kissed
    I should be from Cali because I love the tan, sun-kissed look! Make it look like you just left the beach. It immediately looks like you've just got back from vacay. No one will know you wrestled with your pillow all night!
    PhotoReady Sculpting Blush Palette is a must. A MUST. From Revlon
  • Pop of Color 2 of 9
    Pop of Color
    Pucker up gals! Go for a juicy pink or red. It instantly adds a little oh-la-la to your face! And makes your teeth appear whiter too. It also flatters ALL skin tones.
    I can't get enough of NARS Lipstick. Buy it from Sephora
  • Bye-Bye Redness 3 of 9
    Bye-Bye Redness
    I am lucky enough to not have to wear a lot of foundation. Honestly, I hardly put it on except when I am preggers! Thank you baby. But, I apply a thin layer of my favorite from Cover Girl to conceal redness and I am good to go!
    COVERGIRL + Olay Tone Rehab 2-in-1 Foundation is available on COVERGIRL
  • Hello Bright Eyes 4 of 9
    Hello Bright Eyes
    Mascara is a must, must, must! Did I say must? Not only does it take the focus off those dark circles but it helps those tired eyes pop. My tip: Give it a wiggle! When you move the brush back and fourth in a zig zag like motion, you will get extra volume in every last lash.
    I am currently obsession over Hyperlash Mascara from Smashbox
  • Don’t Forget The Brows 5 of 9
    Don't Forget The Brows
    You can't leave them out. And they really help frame your face!
    What's in my make-up bag? High Brow Glow A Luminous Brow Lifting Pencil from Benefit Cosmetics
  • A Touch of Shine 6 of 9
    A Touch of Shine
    Not a big fan of the bold lip? Go pale with pretty pastels or nudes for a more subtle look. My fave?
    Reflection High Shine Lip Gloss from Smashbox
  • Moisturizer It Up 7 of 9
    Moisturizer It Up
    If you are battling that pregnancy dry skin -- this is the best bet for you. I absolutely love how silky smooth my face feels all day. It works miracles and gives you a little extra I'm-so-pretty glow!
    The best of the best: Purely Nourishing Cream for Dry Skin from Bare Escentuals
  • The Perfect Primer 8 of 9
    The Perfect Primer
    Primer : Almay Smart Shade Perfect + Correct Primer I love how it instantly smooths + softens my skin before applying make-up while it corrects those problem pregnancy skin problems like redness. Looking for something to even out your skin tone? You found your little tube of amazement.
    It is perfect! Smart Shade Perfect + Correct Primer from Almay
  • Eyeshadow? Yes, Please! 9 of 9
    Eyeshadow? Yes, Please!
    I always go for a compact with more than one color. Sometimes I don't have time to dig so I always grab Revlon's ColorStay 16 Hour Shadows. LOVE them + the options you have.
    Me + my baby blues love the 16 Hour Eyeshadow Quads from Revlon


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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