My Best Friend's Baby

I met my best friend’s baby yesterday.

(You can read about my epic sappiness about it all over here.)

She and I had been swapping text messages for the last 2 weeks straight, as she grew closer and closer to her due date. She would want coffee or ice cream or a partner to walk with her through the park or someone to watch The Baby Story with and get angry at the women who were in active labor… You know, the usual.

FINALLY I got the text I was waiting for… 3 days past her due date…

At the hospital. Baby should be here sometime soon!

I fought back tears in Starbucks for multiple reasons… 1. I’m pregnant, c’mon. What did you expect? 2. I am back in the same city with my best friend and feeling so very grateful to be here as she welcomes her first born. 3. OMG IT’S MY BEST FRIEND Y’ALL.

She was with me through my pregnancy with Jackson 4 years ago. She kept me sane during the last 3 months of that pregnancy, when Paul was gone. She has been my work partner, my party animal, my favorite coffee date, my tattoo buddy, and one of my favorite people to hold hands with.

I am absolutely tickled with joy for her and meeting her sweet one yesterday truly moved me.

How silly excited have you been for your closest friends/loved ones when they have welcomed their first baby?


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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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